Saturday, September 15, 2012


Can you believe it's already mid-September? Sheesh! It's easy to forget since the weather has still been really nice here. In fact, right now I have the fan on and the windows open. How's the weather for you?

This is what happens when I do photo projects: I start taking random snapshots (with my point-and-shoot) of boring subjects, just to fulfill my goal. Also, my week was much less eventful. Enjoy! :P

9/10: I've been rewatching The Office season 7 during meals since it's on Netflix. And I have Netflix now! Feel free to recommend something for me to watch.

9/11: I went to the library and lots of my holds were ready (yay!) so I am nicely stocked with audiobooks.

9/12: Sneak preview!! I had a press check on the new calendar. That's just where you go to the printer and see how it's coming off the presses to make sure the color is satisfactory. A small adjustment was made and then I signed off on it.

9/12b: Whoops, I just realized I had two options for 9/12! I'll show you both. This was one of the rare occasions when I needed the Pantone books (though in the end, I didn't end up using the color selections).

9/13: Sadly, this was the only photo I took this day. I was parked at Walmart and saw this pink SUV and wanted a photo. I slyly took it through  my rearview window. When it drove away, I saw it was for Mary Kay, which explains the pink a little more. I don't think I'd want a pink car, but it's still pretty!

9/14: Lots of work-related photos! This is a poster I came up with and hung it up to get a look at it from a distance (and compare it to the colors on my monitor--way off).  This is the area right next to my desk. There's a fireplace behind me (to the left in this photo) because I work in an old house.

9/15: Two things: today I (kind of) organized my spices so they're easier to get to, and I also tried a ranch dressing seasoning recipe. I was underwhelmed with the flavor, though I had mixed it with Greek yogurt (as a dip) instead of mayo and milk. I'll try it the real way before making a final judgment.

I hope you're all doing well!


  1. I forgot to also comment that today was mostly sunny, bright, and blue-skied. Mostly a slight breeze, interupted by moments of sassy gusts.

    Do you check our spelling on these? I feel like "interupted" needs another r in the middle. Hmmm.

  2. Tina - Yeah, but that's not what I was looking for. :P

    I don't check your spelling, but it should underline red when you have a misspelling in your comment. And yeah, I think it's interrupted with the two Rs. :)

  3. I love this week of photos. In school this week, we're memorizing Ps. 139:2 where the Psalmist writes to God about how He knows "when I sit and when I rise..."

    If the mundane details of my life are important enough for God to know about, then clearly, the simple beauty of your day-to-day life and knowing you better can come in spice rack organizing and work posters.

    Besides ... you know me, I enjoy randomness. :)

    P.S. I'm glad you're doing calennnn-darrrrs! (That was meant to sound sing-songy, can you tell?)

  4. Slyly taking a picture from your rearview mirror! You sneaky gal!
    You know pink is not my favorite color, but that is a nice looking car. She (the vehicle owner) must be a really good sales person!

    Weather here has been in the mid-to-high 90's. It's been beautiful!
    We haven't even used the AC.

  5. I really like that poster!

    When I was at Debra's last weekend we found a show called Dance Academy on Netflix. It's an Australian show about teenage ballet dancers. I only got to see one episode but apparently there are several seasons!

  6. Calendar sneak peek! We're lucky : )

    Michael Scott looks a little scary in black and white!

  7. That heart scoop is wonderful!

    OH! Photo calendar! That's very exciting!



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