Friday, September 21, 2012

Daily photos

Happy last day of summer, if that is something to be happy about. I love fall, but I'm also sad to see summer go. The weather has definitely taken a turn, and today it's been gray and misting, and I contemplated turning on the heater (but didn't when I remembered I had a window open :)).

This past week has been eventful, but not necessarily in a photogenic way. Still, I managed to capture something each day, and I consider that a big accomplishment. It's harder than it seems.

9/16 - One of my neighbors likes to feed the ducks, so lately I keep hearing the sound of a herd of mallards out my back door. This time they were eating pretzels.

9/17 - Dinner before being cooked. I am not a huge fan of eating bell peppers, but I like the smell and flavor, so I was craving one of these. It's stuffed with ground turkey and some spices.

9/18 - I had the fun opportunity to take pictures at a drug dog demo. It was really interesting! Here's the dog giving her cue to her owner that she has found drugs, and now the owner is going to reward her with a tennis ball.

9/19 - This is the time of year when the sunrises get cooler. Not only are they in a better position from my back door, but I'm actually awake early enough to see them. This is not the best example of the sunrise coolness, but it's a reminder that more are coming.

9/20 - One of the many times when I didn't know what to take a picture of, so you get to see my dinner. Cube steak and butternut squash. 

9/21 - Annnnd I'm sick. I think stress and the change of weather could have contributed, but I guess it doesn't matter. Hopefully it'll be over soon, but I'm just grateful I haven't had a cold in over a year. PS Those zinc lozenges are nasty. I had forgotten how they coat your mouth. BLAH. So, anyone want to buy them? :)

What are you doing this weekend? I hope to get some chores done in the midst of probably a lot of sitting around in sweats and taking cold meds. Currently I have some chicken soup and tea next to me and there are always plenty of games to play online and on my phone. I feel fairly content.

Peace out.


  1. My weekend plans are posted here:

    It's good to know you're waking up early enough to see the sunsets this time of year. I know mornings can be rough ... so why not just skip them?! :D Great idea. I might adopt that philosophy, too.

    I haven't had a stuffed pepper in years! How was the stuffing when you ate it?

    Does your neighbor clean up the treats masses of ducks leave behind after all the extra food they're getting? But still, a fun picture.

    I like this set and sorry my comments are skipping around throughout. It's early here and I can't get things straight. Well, it's pre-sunset anyway. ;-)

  2. Oh, and I'm sorry to hear you're sick. Feel better soon. But please don't send me those zinc lozenges. They always tear up my gums for some reason.

  3. And now I think I need to make some stuffed peppers this week.

    No fun being sick. Feel better!

  4. Sorry that you have not been feeling well. At least you have a weekend to help recoop. I love the picture of the ducks. I didn't know you had so many mallards. They must be visiting from the other lakes.

  5. Oh sure ... now you change your photo explanation from sunset to sunrise. Very sly, Jessica. Nice one.

  6. Your dinners look sooooo tasty. Now I'm inspired to make those things. :)

  7. Drug dog! Holy butternut squash!!!



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