Saturday, September 29, 2012

Daily photos

Happy birthday to my younger sister D today! She doesn't read this but I like to say it anyway. :) My sisters were born one week apart! (Give or take 5 years.)

It seems like I should just wait until tomorrow to post the rest of my September daily photos, but I will not be so logical.

9/22 - I love a clean kitchen!

9/23 - I'm kind of addicted to this.

9/24 - The only photo I took this day, and wow is it lame! This was a pumpkin pie smoothie I made.

9/25 - The current state of my office. There's some construction and office trading going on, so our office is the storage area for a little while.

9/26 - After a gray and dreary morning, this was a welcome sight.

9/27 - The clouds were really interesting and they made a cool sunset. Below are a couple photos taken before the sunset...

I believe they are cirrocumulus clouds.

9/28 - Watching my favorite movie.  I always think it looks like Wickham has a tail in this scene. :P

Update on life: I'm feeling much better (remember the cold I had last week?). I'm still coughing and stuff, but that'll go away soon. Otherwise, things are okay. This week has had ups and downs, but life goes on. (Can I sound any cornier?) I'm looking forward to my NM trip next week, and I'm always glad for a new month, so bring on October!

I found out my mom is coming to visit me again! There's a women's conference in February, and this will be her third time to attend with me. Yay Mom! I wish Oregon were nicer in February, but at least it gives us an excuse to just relax at my place.

I wish my blogging was more frequent and consistent lately, but I've become really sloppy about it, and I'm not sure when that'll change. I have plenty of ideas on what to post, but apparently I lack the energy or interest in actually posting them.

I'm also really bad about keeping up with email, as I'm sure many of you have noticed. I'm sorry if I owe you a response. I will try to get around to it soon. :)

How are you? Tell me something you're looking forward to.

Coming soon: photos from my weekend in Seattle (a million years ago).


  1. First of all, I'm looking forward to your visit, some board games with you, the Balloon Fiesta! and Mom and Dad's visit. Yay. Lots of fun stuff to look forward to.

    Secondly, I feel honored that you enjoyed a clean kitchen on my birthday. :) Wish mine was. Blehh.

    Thirdly, pumpkin pie smoothie sounds delish.

    Fourthly, I heart pretty clouds and sunsets (or sunrises).

    Fifthly, it's okay to stop apologizing for being behind on emails and blogging. We all have the same 24 hours a day, except that we all have a variety of life seasons. This one may be your less-emaily, less-bloggy season. It's okay. I don't hate you because of that. No apologies necessary (at least to me ... I can't speak for your other readers). :D

    Sixthly, your unpredictability in posting the rest of the September photos today instead of tomorrow is just plain crazy. How do you do it?! Keeps us guessing. Nice.

  2. R: Thanks for understanding on the emails and blogging! Just for the record, I wasn't apologizing on he blogging since I'm pretty sure people are glad when I am not posting as much. :P I just personally wish I was more consistent and had better entries, so I was expressing that. And I know, I'm full of crazy!!

  3. Haha Wickham and his tale. He is such a jokester!

  4. I'm looking forward to our visit to NM, too, and to seeing you!

    Sunsets are great in the fall. One of my favorite sunsets (aside from looking over the ocean in PV) was viewed and photographed on 10/15/2007! (here in YC no less) Beautiful clouds that appear to be on fire!

  5. Loving the black and white as always : ) Having a clean kitchen is nice!

    That sunset photo looks like the end of the world or something 0_o Very cool.

  6. I meant to tell you, I got the postcard for W2W last week - nice work! :)

  7. Excellent photo of the kitchen. Black and white works well!

    Beautiful sunlight through the trees.

    I LOVE that you posted a cloud photo. Made me get out my weather book because i didn't agree with cirrocumulus (although I could see why you'd think so). Without a first hand view, I'd go with altocumulus and this is all probably way past your level of caring but i havent talked clouds in so long and it's making me giddy. Ok. I'm done. :)



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