Sunday, September 30, 2012

Seattle weekend

I'm finally posting a few photos from a recent weekend getaway to the Seattle area. Between relaxing at my friend's parents' house and playing lots of games, we went on a few outings and enjoyed the end-of-summer weather. On Saturday we went to Tacoma. It was such a nice day! My opinion of Tacoma has definitely improved.

We visited Point Defiance Park, which has a zoo, aquarium, gardens and lots of pretty views like this. 

These are from the garden.

The camera had a hard time accurately capturing these colors. There were lots of dark purple hydrangeas. Really pretty.

 This was a cute little porch area.

Hm...something happened to my photo sizing. :( I didn't know these turned out small until now, and I don't feel like tracking these down and resizing them.

The next day we went to Snoqualmie Falls. By one of the parking lots is a cute little foresty trail.


 I included some people so you can get an idea of the scene.

It was too bright to do very long exposures on the waterfall. Some other time I need to go later in the day.

Another of the viewing spots.

Some signs of fall.
The walking bridge from the parking lot.
 The visitor's center, I guess? I can't remember.

We finished off the excursion with a late lunch at Ivar's! Delicious.
That weekend feels so long ago. It was definitely my best weekend of the month. And now September is almost over, and I'm totally okay with that. Happy October Eve!


  1. Beautiful pictures. I especially like that one of the ivy growing over the fence towards the end. It looks like you had a great trip!

  2. Gorgeous! I actually really like the first couple pictures : )

    The visitor's center, I guess? I can't remember.

    That's the fancy schmancy hotel and restaurant : )

  3. Fancy schmancy hotel and restaurant! You crack me up Mr. Ongames.

  4. I love your newer blog look and all the beautiful photos on this post. Everything is so clean and bright and cheery. Those dark blue hydrangeas are gorgeous!!

  5. Those signs of fall are fantastic!

    I LOVE Snoqualmie Falls. One of my fave places I've ever been to.

    That porch is very detailed! Very pretty!



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