Friday, October 26, 2012

Checking in

[Sunrise from the other day.]

Oh hey! Just thought I'd check in to tell you that my laptop has been broken, hence the blog silence. Have you enjoyed it immensely?

The light in the monitor went out this past weekend. I ordered the parts I need so my coworker can fix it next week (I'm so thankful for my work offering up free help on my personal computer). In the meanwhile, I don't enjoy staying very late at work just to use the computer, and at home I can only check in online with my phone. Thank God for that, but it's not exactly a great way to post to my blog.

The nice thing about not having a computer to distract me is that I've gone to bed much earlier this past week, and should be doing pretty well on sleep. I'm so happy it's Friday, though.

Tomorrow I have a photo shoot and Sunday I'm headed to the pumpkin patch (assuming the weather cooperates). I'll probably have some photos to show you from both events, but I still have several New Mexico pictures to share as well.

Last Thursday was my birthday and I got lots of great gifts, cards and birthday messages. Thanks to those of you who said something! It really made my day. :) I owe several people thank-you notes but haven't gotten around to it yet. You'd think that without my laptop at home, I'd be more on top of something like that, but I've been very tired and lazy this week.

How are you? What are your weekend plans?


  1. I have thank you note plans this weekend too. And my/Naomi's birthdays were a month ago. Just atrocious.

    Tomorrow we are going to a fall festival and i don't work all weekend, woo hoo! Sunday she goes to grandma's to spend the night so husband and I have the whole day together! Alone! We'll probably nap.

    Boo for a broken laptop but yay for it being fixed by coworkers!!

  2. Your sunrise photo is beautiful! Yes, autumn sunrises are awesome, too.

    Sorry about your laptop, but glad you have great,fixy coworkers!

  3. It must be bizarre for someone as techie as you to be cut off. Sorry about that. :)

    So far the weekend has been to stay inside as it is RAINING and RAINING and RAINING... and then church... Tony has requested that I NOT make bean soup for tomorrow's lunch, so after church, my plans are unsettled. :)

  4. No, we have not enjoyed the blog silence! Hopefully your computer gets fixed very soon!

  5. There's been a silence? I've been so far away from my own computer for about a week, I didn't totally realize it till I went to catch up on your blog and noticed there were only two that I hadn't read yet.

    Mom, I like that word: fixy. We'll have to add it to your personal dictionary along with scootch. :)

  6. Ladygoat It's hard to keep up! I only barely sent a few today.

    Thanks for the comments, everyone!



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