Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Clever Subject Line

What's this? I am looking at my laptop screen and I can actually see what's on it? That's right, my laptop is fixed*!

I don't have time to post a set of photos for you tonight, so I'll just give you some really important updates:

1. The above photo was one of my birthday presents that I put together during my laptopless (scandalous!) evenings. Thanks again, Dania! There were a lot of tiny pieces in that project.

2. I have also finished one puzzle (of hot air balloons--thanks, Jennifer!) and started another (of a seaside town, Wysocki-style), also a gift from Dania the Generous.

3. I have many generous friends and family members, actually. Thanks, all!

4. Last night I managed to trap a big ugly bug in a plastic cup and successfully bring it out to the dumpster without it touching me.

5. I know it's sort of uncool for Christians to like Halloween, but I do! I like the smaller holidays that don't last 6 months (*cough*Christmas*cough*). I don't dress up or do anything major, but I do enjoy some of the festivities, mostly in small ways, like the decor, kids' costumes, jack-o-lanterns, candy (of course), and how my phone games have special Halloween features right now. In fact, I just caught a ghost on Sims Freeplay, and now you are jealous.

6. Now that my laptop is working, I can catch up on my banking! I always feel better when I know exactly how much I have and what bills are coming up. Thanks, AceMoney Lite!

7. My monitor is dying on me as I type this!! :( There are three white stripes across it. Awesome news! :| [EDIT: Closing and reopening the laptop has helped it for now.]

8. I don't want to end this post on a sad note, so happy Halloween! And don't worry, I'll get it fixed somehow. Maybe it's just a loose cable!

*Although it's a bit dim. I'm not sure if the new screen is just this way naturally, or if something isn't plugged in tight enough. I did adjust the brightness to as high as it can go, but I feel almost like I'm wearing sunglasses. I'll have to investigate, but if you have thoughts, please share.


  1. I didn't realize you enjoyed Lego, but you are good at it! A very good likeness of the space shuttle. :)

  2. Oh I should've clarified! It was a kit, and it included instructions. So all I had to do was follow them. :) I like Legos as much as most people, I suppose. I think Dania just thought I'd enjoy this puzzly sort of thing, and I did!

  3. Glad to see you're back up and running tech-wise, sort of (sorry about the monitor issues). I know S has been asking me almost every day if you've posted some of her photo shoot yet!

    Nice work on the Legos, your nephieces would be so jealous. :)

  4. I'm still really impressed with your bug skills!!

  5. I hope you figure out the monitor situation!

    I'm intrigued by this AceMoney Lite thing. It's a free budgeting tool that you can download?

  6. R - Do you guys want me to post the S blog post before you get the rest of the files? I think I can mail the flash drive soon. I tried to finish up last night but my laptop screen is too dim. :/

    Ladygoat - Thanks! I'm not.. you should've seen how babyish I was!

    Laura - Hi! Yes, they have a paid version that allows for more accounts, but I just need the one. I had been trying to use Quicken for many years, and it was always so overwhelming. This is pretty basic and lets me "schedule" (it doesn't make the payments, just shows them in the frequency you choose) regular payments so I can look ahead and see what I need to pay and not feel constantly worried that I'm forgetting something! I love it for my needs.

  7. Whatever works best for you, Jessica. I know we're anxious to see them, but we also know your schedule and technical issues. So no pressure. :) We're just excited.



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