Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Portraits: my niece, S

It's hard to believe, but my oldest niece is a senior in high school! We took time, during my recent trip to Albuquerque, to do some senior portraits. Thanks to my sister, R, for cheerfully driving us around to various pretty locations.

I got to see some areas of Albuquerque that I'd never been to (that I can recall). This was a really pretty winery called Casa RondeƱa in Los Ranchos Village. I could've done the entire session here--there were lots of pretty photo spots.

Look at how pretty she is! And yes, her skin is that smooth.

A really pretty seating area with a pond. I'm sorry it's a little too blurry to see.. I was feeling kind of self-conscious taking pictures while people were out drinking wine (I didn't want to disturb their tranquility!), so I tried to be quick.

I did take a few building photos before we left, though.


Back to S. :) Here she is with her little sister, J, who tagged along. Maybe in ten years I can do her senior portraits, too! If I haven't forgotten everything.

Not the typical New Mexico scenery. I loved it here!

I meant to turn a couple photos black and white, but I liked the colors too much.

And we had to get photos with the balloons the next morning! I'm so glad we did, even though I'm sure S was pictured-out by then. Anyway, it was a perfect time of year for portraits and I had a good time. Thanks, S and R (and J!). :)


  1. These are great! Thank you so much for doing these.

  2. S says she loves them!! And thank you very much.

  3. These are FANTASTIC! S looks gorgeous and the balloon shot is really breathtaking. :)

  4. Very nice pics, great locations! S looks really good with the dark hair. I liked the black shirt and brown coat outfit the most.

  5. Beautiful portraits! I like # 1, 5, 7 and the balloon picture the best.

    Love the scenary photos, too. That does look like a stop Dad and I should make.

  6. Fantastic!! She's so pretty and I love those bright colors on her. She really looks good in yellow. (I look terrible in yellow!)
    Thanks for sharing with us. The scenery is really pretty everywhere you went.

  7. Wow, Jessica, that shot with the balloons behind is one in a million. Awesome!

  8. Very pretty, S! And such lovely colors in every one... And oh man, the one with the balloons... MANNNNNNNNNNN... :)

  9. Thank you, everyone, for the nice comments! :) I'm glad everyone's liking the balloons one. I bet S is now glad we went out that morning. :D



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