Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I leave tomorrow. The days have been a nice blend of appreciating the weather and scenery, spending time with my nephieces (and siblings), and (in my case, at least) being lazy.

Each morning, the scene from my sister's house is something like this. R takes whoever wants to join her around town to see the balloons.

My nephieces love using my phone to play Angry Birds. I've never gotten into that game myself, but they never seem to be tired of it (though that theory hasn't really been tested, as they have to share it between them during the moments when I give up my phone).

I forgot to share one of my fireworks photos with you before. I have several to post, because I went a little crazy at my first opportunity to use a tripod during a big fireworks show.

Today my parents arrive, and we have one day of the entire family being together! Now I need to get off the computer and spend some time with the kids and prepare for the airport trip. Talk to you soon!


  1. One of my most favorite pictures of Nova ever. It really shows her personality now that she's an older lady -- just really relaxed and chill.

    And what a great capture of the sunshine in our neighborhood.

    Thank you for sharing your phone with the kids.

    Great work with the fireworks pictures -- happy to share my tripod any time you're here.

  2. It took me a second to realize that shirt is supposed to look like a certain peanut butter cup candy bar : )

    How cool to just look out the window and see all those balloons!

    I already commented on how much I like that firework picture!

  3. Yeah, that firework photo is awesome! There is NO comparison to the fireworks I captured on my cell :-/

  4. HOLY COW, love the fireworks shot!!!

  5. Thanks, R! Nova is one of the best dogs I've known, actually! She's very laid back.

    Thanks, everyone! I was pleased with some of the firework shots as well!



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