Monday, November 26, 2012


I'm home!

I was perusing the blog posts I made while in Mexico and all of the photos look pretty bad--dark and weirdly saturated. (Especially yesterday's of Sheridan.) I can't tell if it's just this borrowed monitor or if my laptop's monitor is really off. I'm hoping that the photos didn't look too terrible to you, but if you were thinking, "What is up with these?!" please chalk it up to an uncalibrated monitor as opposed to insanity. I will calibrate my new laptop (yes, I have a new laptop!) and check them again from work, too. I may have to re-upload them with adjustments just so it won't bug me knowing they are out there being ugly.

I like to include a photo on all my posts, though, so the above photo is just a fally photo I took near my parents' house. I'm going to post it straight out of the camera without editing it. Hopefully I exposed everything correctly from the start!

Okay, this post is fairly pointless. But I'd like to know whether you felt the photos of my last several posts have been overly dark, overly bright, or strange in any way. :) Thanks for the feedback!


  1. Well, you know my monitor. Everything looks bright and good on this Samsung LED. I thought they were beautiful.

    But now you're making me wonder if all my photos are dark and sad, when they look good to me. Hmmm.

  2. I thought they looked great! But I know that doesn't mean much since I have no eye for that stuff. :)

  3. All the photos look good on my computer AND on my phone so you're good!

  4. R - Thanks for the feedback! Actually I looked on my work computer and my phone and they did look okay. I guess it's just this old monitor at home. I'll be done with it soon.

    Brenda - Thanks! No, it means a lot--that's why I asked. I want them to seem normal to my viewers, and you are a viewer! I wasn't looking for an expert opinion. :)

    Mom - Thanks for the feedback!

  5. They looked great to me! I didn't notice anything weird at all.



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