Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fall at Deepwood

The rest of my NM photos are on hold until I get my laptop back. I tried to copy some off to show you, but I messed up and some didn't make it over. I think I have different stashes in different places now, and it's too confusing. So let's skip ahead!

Lately it's been so fally that I've tried to take plenty of photos for work and on my personal time. This past Sunday it was 70 degrees and sunny (in November!)--a perfect day to go out and take pictures. Everyone else in Salem agreed, and I encountered many families out having portraits done. I went to Deepwood Estate and nearby Bush Park in the afternoon when the light was very nice. I had not been to Deepwood in the fall before, and wasn't really sure what to expect for a place that's known for manicured gardens full of colorful flowers. Well, it was very different. Kind of (understandably) unkempt with all of the leaves everywhere, and most of the flowers gone until next year. It was almost like a different place, and it gave me some new photo opportunities.

These photos are after I moved over to Bush Park. The left is just a photo of the street where I was parked.

Bush House

A family having their photos taken.

Thanks for looking!


  1. It's definitely beautiful there this time of year. And your photos captured it perfectly.

  2. Unkempt was the perfect word -- like a grand woman ready for bed... tired with her hair down :)

    love the birdbath

  3. I love the birdbath, too. Love that you made it out-of-focus while the reflection was in-focus.
    Surreal. I like the fencing pictures, too. They are all beautiful. Good idea!

  4. This is one of my all time fave post of yours. I love that tree picture under the house. Love the weird limbs!! ive saved some of these pics to my phone to use as backgrounds... wow.

  5. Great pics! Love the ones with the sun shining through especially. I like the one of the fence too that was cool.

  6. Your dad used the last photo (of the gnarled tree) as my wallpaper. It kind of reminds me of a photo you took at the Japanese garden in Portland. Thanks!

  7. Thanks, everyone!

    Fayelle - Thank you! I really need to make wallpapers but I get so lazy about it. It's tedious!

    Mom, yes it does remind me of the Japanese Garden too. :) I'm wondering if it looks alright on your computer, though--I bet it's all pixelated! :-O



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