Friday, November 2, 2012

Laptop update

Lunchtime post!

Well, unfortunately my laptop is still broken. The dimness and white bands I talked about before just got worse and pretty soon the screen was out completely. The IT guy tried various things and he thinks it's just a faulty LCD, so I'm sending it back and getting a replacement. Hopefully hopefully hopefully that's all it is and a new one will fix the issue. Meanwhile, I have to wait for the mail turnaround and you can imagine how happy I am to be back to not having a computer at home. :P At least I'm getting more used to it.

Now cookie photos, per my friend Elton's request. I used this recipe. I made them for IT (in thanks for the laptop help and their general helpfulness). It looks like I have brown walls, but I don't. Oh and you get to see the cute plates my sister got me! :) What savage doesn't eat cookies with a knife and fork?

I hope you all have a nice weekend!

Happy birthday to my lovely friend, Tina!


  1. Sorry about the laptop!!

    Those plates were so cute when I got them for you, but those cookies make them look even better! They're like model plates who show off the cookies even better. Not that the cookies don't show themselves off on their own really well. But even if you don't knife and fork your cookies, a plate is kind of a nice touch. :)

    Happy Birthday, Tina.

  2. Those cookies look AMAZING. Like even more delicious than the cookies you usually post. Yum.

  3. Wow, those cookies look awesome! I love cookies with chunks of goodness. :)

  4. I hope the computer fixing won't take too much longer.

    Those cookies look delish and the plates adorable. (kind of Vanna White plates)

  5. I copied the recipe. How many cookies does that recipe make?

  6. Cookies and turning leaves and a cup of tea... FALL!! :)

    Thanks for the birthday plug! :) I feel like a celebrity! :)

  7. Wow, those cookies are especially photogenic!

    Sorry about the laptop. That IS frustrating.

    Cute plates!!

  8. *waiting for his dozen cookies to arrive in the mail* ; )

    They look soooooooo tasty!

  9. Thanks for the comments, everyone!

    Brenda - Thanks! I wonder what's different? :)

    Elton, I just saw your profile pic--it's funny! Where was that taken?

    Mom - It makes a lot but it depends on how big of cookies you make. If they're fairly large, I guess it makes like 40-something? But if they're smaller it'll make probably 60+. I usually halve the recipe.



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