Sunday, December 16, 2012

About me

I thought I'd post a general update about my life, for those of you close friends and family who might care.

A couple of weeks ago I decided not to travel home (to Yuba City, CA) for Christmas. Normally, I stay in Salem for Thanksgiving and go to YC for Christmas, but this time I had the week+ vacation in Mexico with my parents over Thanksgiving. Still, I was all set to buy my Christmas plane tickets, but looking at the cost and thinking about all of the stress of air travel this time of year stopped me. I felt bad about it, but it just makes more sense to wait and visit my parents later, in the spring. It'll be cheaper, less hectic, and nicer weather.

I will instead spend Christmas with some friends up in the Seattle area. That way I can drive on my own time table instead of arranging airport rides and being at the mercy of flight schedules, luggage requirements and airport busyness.

This decision, along with a few other ways I've simplified this year, has made for a much less stressful season. It's been SO nice. I have limited myself better on gift-giving and only sent out a few Christmas cards. I haven't even been baking (though I am trying out an easy recipe this weekend), when normally I like to give cookies to friends and coworkers. I do enjoy it, but it can also be expensive (depending) and time-consuming, not to mention messy.

I've also felt more available to take on some freelance design projects recently. The projects have been fairly enjoyable and the extra money helps a lot. So does having a nice new laptop!

I've been thinking about types of blog posts that I've neglected lately. Wallpaper Wednesday, Graphic Redesign, and Thankful Thursday, to name a few. I hope to get back into them in the new year. Feel free to give me input on the ones you miss most.

There's more I could say, but this is getting long. I'll leave you with one of my favorite pop/contemporary Christmas songs. I was a big Mariah Carey fan growing up (judge me if you must!), and I know some will think this is cheesy, but this song always makes me happy. I know Brenda likes it, too, so I'm in good company!

Merry week-before-Christmas!


  1. Every time I hear this version it makes me think of you! :) I'm glad that your holiday time will be less stressful. I've had a few weeks of feeling pretty overwhelmed, so I totally get it. Most of my stressful stuff is behind me on to the good times!

  2. Well, I hope you have some decorations up at home this year! I hope the weather is good for you over Christmas so you don't have too much trouble driving around and stuff.

    I always love your Thankful Thursday posts, but I love all your posts. :)

    I miss you, Jessica. Especially this time of year. I hope your season is merry and bright.

  3. Dania - I never even considered whether there were other versions! Who originally recorded it? Which is your favorite? If you have one.

    R - Actually, I don't! :) Sorry. I do have a candle that smells like one of Mom's tree ornaments, though. I didn't even put up any lights this year. Thanks for the input and for missing me! I definitely miss family this time of year and wouldn't mind some Scattergories and Yahtzee right about now!

  4. R - I meant I don't have decorations up...not that I don't miss you. :P I just reread that and it sounded funny.

  5. Have you heard/seen the video of Jimmy Fallon and a bunch of kids singing this with Mariah? Love!!

  6. I looked it up: Carla Thomas recorded "All I Want For Christmas Is You" in 1966. It is an entirely different version. She was a soul singer (she may still be alive) born in 1942.

  7. Glad your season was less stressful!



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