Friday, December 7, 2012

Albuquerque: Corrales (mostly)

I realized I left out some of the fireworks and balloon glow photos I had debated showing you, but now that I've already posted some, I'll spare you the rest. They were just more of the same. :)

Now I present the last ABQ post until my next trip. First, I have a few pictures I took while my sister drove me around Corrales. It's a much greener part of Albuquerque due to its proximity to the Rio Grande. So much of New Mexico is brown and bare, so it's nice to see these areas where you practically forget you're in the desert.

R drove me around some of the nice neighborhoods, and I took a few photos of homes I liked.

The fall color was just starting to show up.

This is my nephew C when he and I went to a balloon that was landing in the arroyo near my sister's house. You can see some others in the background. The wind was taking them in this direction. Shortly after that we found one that had landed in the middle of a neighborhood street.

C and I were walking back and inadvertently startled this jackrabbit out of some bushes. It was hard to get sharp photos since he raced away so quickly.

Just a photo from when we were out on a drive one morning. Seeing hot air balloons on a sunny October day is a very happy thing. I hope I can visit again during the fiesta.

Thanks, R, for all the driving and hostessing you did for me! I had a good time. :)


  1. Aww, thanks! Maybe if you come again during the Fiesta, I'll remember that you were here before during that time. Haha. Twice! But I'm happy to show you around whenever you come.

  2. That area does look beautiful and the houses look nice. I'll have to check Corrales out on my next NM trip.

  3. Thanks Mom and R! I can count on you for comments. :D Yes, R, I hope you can remember I was there--I always have photographic evidence as reminders. :)

    Mom, yes, you should!



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