Thursday, December 27, 2012

Coulon Park Christmas Lights

I had a very nice Christmas up in the Seattle area (Renton). I played lots of games, ate delicious food, and had a lot of quality time with my friend Dan and his family.

Christmas Eve was the highlight for me. I like that day more than Christmas itself. I went to a nearby candlelight service and then afterwards we all had yummy Chinese food at home. Then Dan and I headed out to Coulon Park where I had read they have a lights display. It's sponsored by Ivar's, hence the clam reference. Christmas lights are my favorite decoration, and it seemed like a festive thing to do. We had a break from the rain and though it was a little cold, it was so nice to walk around looking at the lights. There were no crowds--just a few families here and there. I didn't have a tripod but found some spots to set my camera and take a few photos.

Candy canes were made out of the existing lights. Clever!

Coulon Park is right on Lake Washington.

Some people were walking through my photos, but oh well! They barely show.

Afterwards, we headed down to Cheesecake Factory and picked up some dessert! I had been wanting to try their Peppermint Bark Cheesecake since I'd heard of it a few years ago. We ate it while watching a Christmas choir/orchestra on TV and playing games. It was a great night.

What did you do for Christmas Eve?


  1. What did you do for Christmas Eve?

    Strangely, my day was very similar to yours!

  2. So pretty-- simple and graceful... and with the city lights in the background and reflective lake... Mmmmmmmmmmm...

    Hosted a Christmas Eve worship service and then had Christmas Eve Pizza! Ended the day with reading the Christmas story to Isaac and then watching While You Were Sleeping.

  3. So glad you had a enjoyable Christmas Eve. I did, too. We went to Moreau's for early dinner then to Christmas Eve service, then back to Moreau's for snacks and fellowship. It was a very nice evening.

  4. Joe - Extremely strange! PS Do you care about badges?

    Brenda - Thanks!

    Tina - Christmas Eve pizza is a great idea--that was our other option but I was happy with Chinese. I like the tradition of Christmas Eve dinner being from a restaurant. :D The past couple of years I've gone out to dinner with Dania. I didn't watch one Christmasy movie (in its entirety) this year and I'm kind of sad about that.

    Mom, I'm glad you did too! Especially considering the news you were about to receive.



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