Friday, December 14, 2012

San Felipe: Day 3

Day three (Monday) was spent at the house. Unfortunately, my mom got sick on Sunday evening, so she mostly rested while my dad and I spent time by the pool or inside (it would get a little chilly each day and it was cozier inside). I'll admit it--we watched a lot of HGTV over the course of the week. For me that's a treat, since I don't have any TV service at home and I really enjoy watching House Hunters with my parents. You know, so we can bash it together. (You should've seen the episode where the wannabe model kept striking awkward poses every time she noticed the camera.)

Anyway, I was glad to spend more time taking pictures of hummingbirds. I did cut back the hummingbird photos quite a bit, but I'm still including way too many here. :)

But first--hey, there's a butterfly on that hibiscus!

Now he's wearing his leaf camo outfit.

Okay, time for hummingbirds. Just one of this particular brand for now. He kept hiding too much to get decent photos.

Not this one, though. He loved the camera. My camera loved him. They ran off and married each other, but thankfully sent me these pictures.

Three different colors on his head? Show off.

We get it--you're colorful.

Okay, I'm done (for now).

In the evening I took a walk around the neighborhood and took a few photos of the nearby homes. There are some really pretty houses--I've always been a fan of stucco. Bougainvillea grows all over the place, and I love it.

Really cute.

There was an episode of House Hunters where the girl was all, "No Spanish-style homes! I can't stand that look!" She's crazy. (I mean, this particular house isn't necessarily my dream home, but it has some nice features.)

That cactus looks nothing like its parents.

A mere shack.

I'm feeling all vacationy just posting these! Oregon really needs to take the hint from Mexico--people like sun.


  1. What? No comments, yet! I think all the photos are beautiful. I did get to walk in the neighborhood and see the homes Jessica photographed. (When I was feeling a bit better) Some really nice places and, for the most part, very quiet.

  2. I'm sad Mom was sick on the trip, but I'm glad that meant you got to spend some time with Dad and taking beautiful pictures and playing catchup with HGTV.

    I'm glad Mom's better. :)

    I have looked at this post more than once and I just love it. I love all these pictures from San Felipe. Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are all so great!

    Spanish style homes have Many great features but one I HATE is the roof. The... what's that called? It's completely slipped my mind right now but that common curved stone... I don't know why I hate it so much but I do. I still think spanish homes are gorgeous though!



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