Monday, December 17, 2012

San Felipe: Day 4

NOTE: This post is acting up and not showing all of the photos. I'm trying to fix it, but if you see a caption that doesn't make sense, that's why. Please check back for all of the photos later. If I haven't just taken the entire post down in frustration by then, of course.

Mom was feeling much better this day (except her lack of appetite), so we took a drive and explored a little. We stopped here and saw this bird on a cactus. Then I scared it away before we could get closer photos (sorry, Dad!).

My mom, desert-style.

By the way, there were tons of these little pokey bur things that would seemingly jump onto your shoes. They're hard to remove, too. My mom was probably acquiring 12 new ones just standing there for 30 seconds.

We stopped back at "home" briefly and I took more hummingbird photos. I know! I'm sparing you, though, and just showing you these tiny ones really quick.

Back out for lunch. It was a Mexican holiday, so there was a parade (we missed it) and people were dressed up.

My parents at lunch.

Then we walked around town a little, so I took some pictures so you can get an idea of it. There are plenty of things to buy.

I couldn't stay in here for long--too cluttery feeling.

Kind of like Rodeo Drive.

In the evening I took another walk around the neighborhood when the light was better for photography.

I liked this gate and tried a lot of photos of it, though I wasn't crazy about any of them.

Just in case I haven't shown you the back yard enough times.

I should warn you that Day 5 includes several hummingbird photos, but they are different birds in a different location. Day 6 will be more interesting if you're sick of the birds. :)


  1. You're funny about the hummingbird pictures. I'm enjoying them!

    I love all the rest and I particularly like the one of Mom and Dad at lunch and that is a cool palm tree gate/fence. The other pictures of shops and stuff give a great sense of the everyday life in that part of town. I like those, too.

    Thanks again for letting us enjoy your vacation as well.

  2. Thanks for reminding me about those pokey things in the desert. I know R is familiar with them from one of her trips in SW USA.

  3. R - I'm glad! I just feel like I post soooo many. And thanks! I'm looking forward to posting some more.

    Mom - Yeah I didn't get very good photos of them but I thought I'd mention them anyway. :)

  4. Those flowers around the wooden door are amazing! Such beautiful photos!



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