Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thankful Thursday

1. Cute birds. There are lots out lately, even though the weather is terrible. I took several photos and will put a handful in this post.

2. Garbage disposals. I remember that when my sister lived in New Hampshire, they didn't have garbage disposals there. Then on our recent Mexico trip, they also didn't have one. Not having one makes me so appreciate having one!

3. Time off. Christmas means a total of five holiday-days off in addition to weekends, so I'm excited about the next couple of short weeks.

4. Having all of my Christmas mailing done. I sent off three packages today and I'm done. I do have one more present to buy, but it doesn't have to be mailed anywhere.

5. Potatoes. They're tasty.

6. Presents! I really like presents--both giving and receiving. Today I had one on my desk when I got to work, and then a friend brought by another in the afternoon!

I'm not sure if I'll be posting again before Christmas. If not, have a merry Christmas, friends!


  1. So glad you're thankful and posting about it. I hope you received three packages in the mail by now ... if not, maybe tomorrow! It better be!

    Those bird pictures are completely adorable. That's one thing I do miss about NH, the birds! Though I love spotting roadrunners here in NM. We only see them every so often so it's always exciting.

  2. Those really are cute birds! Yes, I appreciate garbage disposals :)

  3. I guess I like having a garbage disposal but I'm sure I'd be fine without one. In fact my first house had one but it was broken when I moved in and I didn't have it fixed (replaced) until I moved.

  4. R - I was happy to have those three packages when I got back from my trip! It was really fun. :) Thank you again. Yeah, I'm kind of bummed I wasn't more into birds when you were in NH because I could've gotten some good photos. But you got a lot of them back then. I still have never seen a cardinal!

    Mom - Thanks!

    Dan - Wow, I'm surprised to hear that. I hate not having one; it feels so icky to have to empty the little tray. :P

  5. Love the blurred wing photo!

    This is the 3rd time I've heard garbage disposals mentioned in a week. We just got a new kitchen sink and my landlord asked if I wanted one a garbage disposal before buying the sink. After a couple years without it I passed. They ARE handy though!



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