Saturday, January 26, 2013

Frost (part 2)

I'm already back to show you the remainder of my frost photos! I just figured, why the heck not?

There's this place at work that I rarely go, but I was looking for a particular bird and thought I'd see what was there.

It was quiet and frosty up there. Several birds were around, though not the bluebird I was looking for. I even saw some quail, but I didn't get a good picture.

I messed with these pictures a little.

Then I went back down the hill where it wasn't as foggy-white, but there were some interesting sights.

Here's the bird I was looking for! A Western Bluebird. I had been seeing them, and when I mentioned it to a coworker (who is really into birds), he was surprised and pleased. I made it my mission to get a photo.

Here's another.

After lunch, the sun started coming out! I was driving back to my office when I saw these in the field across the street, so I went and took pictures.

I wish I could've captured this better, but the sun was melting the frost into ice that glittered like little Christmas lights.

Back at work, the sun created some nice back-lighting on the frosty path.

The end. Have a great weekend!


  1. Comment take 2? If this is a double you can delete it.

    I enjoy all your photos, but I must say I love your frost photos!

  2. Oh, I think the one with the blue bird and the brown leaves would be sell-able in a large print.

  3. So beautiful! Worth going outside in the cold to enjoy. Thank you for these photos.

  4. Funny, even thought this was just a few days ago it already seems like a long time ago. Great pics! Cold and frost and snow are no fun but they do make for some great pics!

    I agree with Tina on the blue bird pic, it's really nice.



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