Saturday, January 12, 2013

San Felipe: Day 5

[Shrimp boat.]

Time to pick up where we left off with my Mexico trip. It's been awhile, so if you are new or need a refresher, please visit my other posts about this trip:

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The homeowners nicely invited me to go up to their patio and take pictures of the hummingbirds on the feeder. I sat awhile and took several, but am just posting a few interesting ones here.

A blurry photo, but I couldn't resist posting a tongue picture.

The owners say they have counted up to 15 hummingbirds on and around their feeder (some hovering and waiting for their turn) at once! I only ever saw five at a time, which is still way more than at home where it's rare to even see two on the feeder at once.

The owners also said that their granddaughter (I think it was) actually PETTED a hummmingbird while it was on the feeder!! I wanted to try, but never really got a chance.

This was the ugliest hummingbird, but I think it's a young one that will eventually be pretty.


Ready for takeoff.

Later in the day I took photos of our accommodations, in case you're interested. Starting with the view from our back door.

The main area.

Other side of the main area. Through that doorway you can see another door, which was my parents' bedroom.

Which looked like this.

Or this, from the other side. And then through the door there you can see another door, which is the one that goes out to the outdoor hallway (which leads upstairs to the front of the house).

Here's the bathroom, and then some Mexican money. The exchange was 12 pesos to a US dollar while we were there.

The bills have a cut-out with clear plastic.

My mom found one of those desert pokey things still on her shoe from the day before. They follow you home no matter how hard you try to leave them in the desert.

My mom asked me to French braid her hair. Excellent posture, Mom! After dinner we played Yahtzee, where I finally had some good luck after losing badly to my dad a couple of days before. 1,777! (Now I'm paranoid someone will see a math error.)

My parents working in the kitchen. Me, lazily taking photos of other people working. And that was Wednesday!


  1. Was there another room or were you on the couch?

    Cute place and nice work on the braid!

  2. R - The couch was a futon, and that's where I slept the first few nights. It wasn't super comfortable, and though I didn't complain, the owners sort of picked up on it and let me sleep in the studio apartment two doors down for the rest of my stay! (But I didn't get photos.) So I basically had my own place, though I didn't hang out in it except at night.

  3. I was very curious about the place itself so it was fun to see these pics!

    A hummingbird tongue? How crazy cool is that? Great pics!

  4. Man I just love your hummingbird photos!!

    Beautiful view!

  5. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this great blog.
    I love all the hummingbirds at the feeder. Looks like a lot of females. When the males come, they must scare everyone else away!

    I didn't get to see how fabulous the French braid looked before now. Thank you for doing that. I love getting my hair brushed.

    Beautiful photography!

    Love, Mom



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