Tuesday, February 19, 2013

40DOT: Days 4, Sunday and 5

Unfortunately, my weekend wasn't as fun-filled as I had hoped or imagined. But it still had some nice aspects...

Day 4 (Saturday): I needed to get out (I usually do), and so I decided to go to the good Target (there's one in Keizer and one in Salem, and the Keizer one is much nicer and newer). It was nice to walk around, and I picked up a few things, including a clearance Valentine's t-shirt for $3. Afterwards, I went through the drive-thru at the new Panera they recently built in Keizer Station. I haven't been to a Panera in years, so I felt a little clueless about their menu, but I ended up getting half a turkey sandwich that was very delicious (if a bit expensive). Oh and it was sunny some of the day, so my drives were nice.

Day 4b? (Sunday--they don't count in the 40 days of Lent): The most satisfying aspect of the day was making good progress on a couple of design projects I'm doing for a local church. The pastors seem to be happy so far, too.

Day 5 (Monday): Obviously the most important and wonderful thing about this day was that I had it off work! I LOVE Mondays off. They make Sundays so much nicer. This was also the first day of the weekend that I woke up feeling well-rested. I also realized that my cough is practically nonexistent now. I got a cold on January 27th, I think it was, and though I felt much better after a few days, my cough(ing fits) persisted. I whined about it a lot to my friend Dan, and he kept insisting that it wouldn't last forever. Turns out he was right!


  1. Yay for Dan's prediction coming true!! Glad you feel better. :)

  2. Yay for feeling better! I guess there's no such thing as a quick illness for anyone this winter.

  3. I actually wasn't sure...I thought maybe it would last forever! Glad I was wrong ; )

  4. I'm glad you were right, too, Dan.



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