Friday, February 22, 2013

40DOT: Days 6-8

[There are lots of salamanders out, but it was too rainy for me to get many photos. I hope to get some more photos soon.
Aren't his yellow paws so adorable?]

This week has drained me for various reasons. I'm so glad it's Friday.

Day 6 (2/19): Tuesday, I found out some insurance frustration that I had been dealing with was finally resolved, so that was very good news. I also had a few different meetings, which made the time seem to pass very quickly at work. And it was already Tuesday!

Day 7 (2/20): I had an appointment in the morning, but late enough that I could sleep in a little more than usual, which felt awesome. I don't know what else to say. This wasn't my favorite day.

Day 8 (2/21): I was feeling much better this day after Wednesday the Blah. I had a very pleasant email exchange with one of my nicest coworkers. She always compliments me on my work. I was able to send off two print projects, which is always satisfying. Then, in the afternoon, I had a photo shoot that I felt went decently. I love how high I can set the ISO on our work camera without pictures looking too grainy. It makes life easier. (Sorry for being a bit technical there.)

It's been so rainy today, and I think it might continue all weekend. This afternoon, I was headed out to take a few photos around my place (that's when I got the salamander photo), and I had the realization (again) that I'm dumb. I've never bought any sort of rain boots, even though I've been living here for over seven years, tromping around in mud and wetness to get pictures. Wouldn't they have come in handy by now? Answer: YES, THEY WOULD. I often come home with muddy shoes and wet cuffs on my jeans, but I never really put this together. So maybe this weekend I'll go look for a pair. I don't like spending a lot of money on clothing, but feel free to give me some recommendations. I know nothing about rain boots. It would be nice if they were comfortable enough to walk in for more than three steps.

Have a great weekend! Question for you: What was your favorite thing about today so far?

I just realized I accidentally counted last Sunday. Lent doesn't count Sundays, so I had to fix the numbering on my days. Lame! Now the URL on the last one will be wrong for eternity.


  1. Lent doesn't count Sundays? I had no idea! Well, I'm counting Sundays, so my thankfulness will be all abundant and stuff.

    I love the salamander picture. And yes, get yourself some rain boots! It doesn't rain here enough for me to justify it ... but I think they are so cute. Hard to resist. All those years back east and I never did it then either (though I did have snow boots).

    I think I was supposed to answer a question, but it's probably answered in my blog, so we'll leave it at that.

  2. Get a cute pair of boots -- bright color or cool pattern. People love crazy boots. And get tall ones. Then you can take your next photo shoot standing in a creek. (By "tall" I mean knee-high, not fishing pants).

    My favorite thing so far today. My son slept late AND stayed dry overnight. After 2 years, potty training is finally getting somewhere!!

  3. Fishing pants by all means (LOL)
    No, really my suggestion was to get some non-slippery type since you do traipse around in the mud. I've haven't had rain boots since I was a kid. Of course they are not as necessary, here.

  4. R - Yeah, the Sundays are a day of rest from whatever fast/etc. that you're doing. I don't mind noting happy things on Sundays, but I won't end up at 40 days if I count them!

    Annnnnd I still never got any boots. I really hate shoe shopping. Or most clothing shopping, actually.

    Tina - Yeah I think most the boots for sale are colorful. I don't necessarily feel like a "crazy boots" type of girl, but whatevs. It's just for hiking around. Congrats on the potty training progress!

    Mom - Haha.. Mom, you said LOL! I have never seen you say that. And it would actually be handy to have fishing pants. I think it might be fun to walk around in a lake.



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