Monday, February 11, 2013

ABCs of me

(Just a Common Merganser out on the lake.)

My friend and sister both posted these in their blogs, so I figured I'd do it too! An alphabet of questions.

Available or married?

I don't understand the question.

Chore I hate?
Okay I'm going to try and get over the fact that these have question marks when many need colons instead. I don't feel like fixing them, but I do feel like criticizing them. Anyway, I hate doing the dishes, yet it's the chore I do the most, and the one that makes me feel the best when it's done. I'm going to marry a man who will do dishes if I cook.

Drink of choice?
I love iced tea and Coke Zero (cherry and vanilla versions are good too!). I drink too much soda. But I do drink water, and because of its health benefits, I really do like it even if it tastes like invisible.

Essential start to my day?
I don't really get this question, either, but I will say that I usually give myself a little time to check on some of my phone games and email each morning to help me wake up a little before getting out of bed. I really hate that most of my days begin with waking up before I'm ready. Anything to ease the transition.

Favorite color?

Game to play or watch?
Oh I love games. My favorite card game is probably Cribbage, but I also like Spades, Gin, word games of all sorts and even some video games (like tower defense and city building). I play games practically every day.

I consider Yuba City, CA my hometown since I lived there the longest and because it's where my parents (and lots of family friends) still live.

Instruments I play?
None. I took piano for a few years as an adult, but I can barely play the first few measures of Für Elise at this point.

Graphic designer

I don't have any, and I don't have a strong desire to have any.

Life is incomplete without...
...ends to sentences.

Music group or singer?
Boring question! Or "question," I should say. Lately I like Colbie Caillat and Rihanna. I'm super deep.

Number of siblings?
Two, plus a brother-in-law.

Oranges or Apples?
For what?

Pet Peeves?
Do you really want to open this can of peeve worms? I could have an entire blog (not a post, a blog) on pet peeves. I'm a delightful person.

"Mr. Reynolds? 'Scuse me, but there's something going on in the sculpture class. I think you oughtta check it out."

Reasons to smile?

It's currently winter in my hemisphere.

There are tons when you're searching for something unrelated in Google Images.

University attended?
I like how it's singular.. oh you silly question! I went to two colleges and two universities. I'm like a school gypsy. I graduated from CSU Sacramento.

Veggies I dislike?
Peas! I want them discontinued. There are a few others.

What makes me run late?

X-rays I've had?
Teeth, back, ankle and finger.

Yummy food?
Oh gosh, I like all of the delicious foods that most people like, such as ice cream and cheeseburgers and vanilla bean cheesecake.

Zoo favorite animal?
Oh hey, Yoda. Hm.. I don't know. I like seeing peacocks at the zoo. I always liked elephants growing up. Giraffes are funny with their long, black tongues. Koalas and bats are nice.


  1. Sorry ... I put in the question marks. I was going for consistency in appearance, not necessarily grammatical perfection. :) But I'm glad you did this questionnaire ... I can't wait to read more. I just had to interrupt this message with my apology to you.

  2. Uh oh! Sorry! I totally thought it just came that way. :) How do I make a sheepish emoticon?

  3. Hahaha. I love Lionel Richie, too, I forgot to put him on my A to Z. But I also forgot how much of a scary stalker he is in that video. Yikes, Mr. Richie. Good thing his student is a artist/stalker back.

    Fun quote with an even funner link. See how I'm just abandoning all things grammatical today?! I'm crazy.

    You don't have to apologize for your comments about the ???? I can say any of those leading prompts in question form now that they mostly end with question marks. I'm transforming the way we speak-eak-eak.

    Did I mention I'm not feeling great today? LOL.

  4. AN artist/stalker ... geez, R, get it together.

  5. R - That's why he uses a fake name in the video. Under the radar.

    Thanks, Dan!



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