Monday, March 25, 2013

40DOT: Day 34 - Spring party

Here are the promised photos from Saturday. Seven of my friends came over for girl time (Woman time? That sounds weird.) and to celebrate spring and Easter. We decorated cookies, dyed eggs, and ate snacks. The weather was pretty nice and the girls were wonderful guests. Thanks again for coming, ladies!

Pretty prep

Cool, huh? My dad got me this pitcher.

I forgot to take pictures of the food and drink stations before we started, so you're getting a picture of the remaining food, instead. I had been craving those little quiches and had to check three stores to find them. I thought I'd serve them fancily by just leaving them on the cookie sheet. I'm very elegant.

I got some spring prizes and then drew names to decide the order that the girls could choose what they wanted.

All parties need chocolate, right? And I found those color snaps for a buck a pack, and thought I'd include them for egg decoration fun. They're kind of like markers for eggs.

Cookie decorating (and tasting).

Pami pretends to test out the frosting.

I was impressed with how lovely all the cookies and eggs turned out! So creative.

Deborah did this Easter scene! Are those tiny sheep? I just noticed!

We came up with alternate ideas for the various shapes. Like the bunny that could also be a fish, according to Jennifer. Or an awareness ribbon, according to Pami (where is my photo of that?).

Tulips also make good Pacman ghosts.


The egg-dyeing brought out just as much creativity. It worked out to be about half and half with how many of us grew up dyeing eggs every Easter vs. those who didn't. I'm always surprised to learn when adults have only done it once or twice (or never!), since it was a tradition in our house, and one I really enjoyed. I guess I thought everyone did it! What about you: did you grow up dyeing eggs for Easter?

Nice work, Jennifer. He's hot!

Beautiful. And it was Natalie's idea to flip over the carton for an egg-drying rack. Very clever!

A little chill time for those who were done decorating/dyeing.

Pami, my ever-cooperative model, humors me with various expressions.

I regret not taking a group photo before everyone left, but then I always have photography regrets, and I try not to dwell on them. :) Otherwise, I'm glad I have a record of the day. Happy spring and Easter season! What are you doing to celebrate?


  1. I love that Pac-Man cookie!!!

    Looks like a really fun party!

  2. What a great idea for a spring,pre-Easter party! The great photos really show how serious everyone was about decorating their cookies or eggs. (It looks like a good time) Of course I grew up coloring eggs before Easter, but I haven't dyed any since the granddaughters moved away. I think I'll surprise Dad and we'll color eggs!! Don't tell!

  3. Mom, you're fun! Take a picture when you guys dye eggs. :D The great part about it is that you have hard-boiled eggs in the end, which is always nice to have.

  4. Love these! I wish I could have come too! :)

  5. This looks like a fun par-tay. You are so creative when you entertain guests!

    Of course, I grew up dyeing Easter eggs but something happened with me after we had the kids. We dyed eggs a few times in the early years and now we never get our act together enough to do it. I'm not even sure our youngest remembers doing it. So sad.

    But we do an annual egg hunt with prize-filled plastic eggs that all the kids look forward to.

  6. Looks like everyone had a really nice time!

    We dyed eggs when I was a kid. Not every year ("Not every day...") but definitely more than once or twice.

  7. Brenda - Thanks!

    R - Oh thanks.. not really, but thank you. That's too bad that your kids don't dye eggs! But I'm sure you'll do it sometime.

    Dan - Oh I don't know if we've ever talked about this. Did you have a favorite dye color? :) (Haha.. I say this like you're going to come back and read this comment. :P)



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