Saturday, March 2, 2013

40DOT: Days 12-15

Happy March! Here are the things I was glad about the past few days...

Day 12 (February 26): I had two different portrait sessions (for work) this day, and they both went fine. The weather cooperated, I kept them fairly short and sweet, and I had the selections edited and chosen by the end of the day.

Day 13 (February 27): I slacked on keeping up with my thankful notes, so this day is kind of a blur and I don't remember anything that stood out! But I do know that I mailed a couple of packages that I had been procrastinating about, and I felt glad to have them off my hands. Otherwise, I think it was just a typical Wednesday.

Day 14 (February 28): This day started out kind of blah but ended okay. When I got home from work, I saw this salamander near the mailboxes. He was just standing there like a statue. I was able to go get my camera and come back out, because he hadn't moved at all (though he did later, so I know he wasn't just a toy ;)).

I decided to walk over to the foresty area where I typically see salamanders, since I had been wanting better photos. They were all over! They blend so well with the ground that you have to study it to see them, though. I guess it was the ideal weather for them to be out: misty, but not too cold. My neighbor was out there, and we chatted while I took pictures (and kept saying, "There's another one! And there's another one! Oh look at this one--he's walking fast."). I remember thinking about how warm it felt, and even though it was gray and damp, it reassured me that the nicer weather would be here soon.

Orange paw!

I was also glad to hear that my neighbor had seen a baby beaver in the lake. I don't think I ever blogged about the fact that a few months ago, I was told the management was setting up lethal traps to get rid of the beavers. :( I was pretty upset about this, because I love the beavers and felt that at least they could just transfer them somewhere else. Oregon is the Beaver State, after all. Anyway, I'm sure they caught some of them, but not all! :) I had a hint that we still had some, but now getting confirmation of a sighting is extra reassuring. I hope I can get pictures of the babies!

I'll post this old beaver photo, just for funzies.

Day 15 (March 1): I felt like something in me turned around yesterday. I felt SO MUCH BETTER than I had for the past couple of weeks. I was feeling hopeful and energized--concepts that were foreign to me for awhile there. The sun was out, and at lunch I spontaneously bought these tulips of happiness. I'm so glad it's now March, and the flowers are going to be blooming like crazy soon. I also realized that it was 3-1-13--palindrome!

I hope you're all having a nice weekend!


  1. Those tulips make me happy, too!

  2. It's been spring-like here for a few days, too. I had sent the photo of daffodils and camilias in a vase. I understand that Dad sent a photo of the daffodils in the yard.

    It does feel good to have spring around the corner :)



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