Thursday, March 7, 2013

40DOT: Days 16-19

[The Daphne's in bloom, and smelling terrrrrrrrrific.]

I feel like I should be posting more often, but I just don't always have the interest when I get home from work, lately. Blogging is supposed to be something fun for me, so I'm going to try not to feel bad if I'm not keeping with some particular schedule. :)

Here are some of the good parts of the past few days...

Day 16 (March 2): Saturday was another day of feeling very well compared to previous weeks. I finished my world puzzle! It was fun and definitely enriched my geography knowledge a bit. I am shamefully clueless about the location of most countries outside of North America. I also had a good and helpful phone conversation.

Sunday: This was a great day overall. I was struggling a bit with something early on, but I emailed a friend and then felt excellent for the rest of the day. So nice!! I know these thankfuls are a little vague/general, but feeling good (hopeful, motivated, peaceful) really stands out to me right now!

Day 17 (March 4): On Monday, I happened to wake up very early. At first I was slightly annoyed and wanted to get back to sleep, but then I decided to get up and make use of the extra time. I was able to exercise, catch up on some phone games, and even get to work early. I also saw four deer outside my back door (I couldn't get all four in a photo, though)! Later that day I started a book that I really enjoyed, and it felt nice to be so motivated to read any chance I got.

Day 18 (March 5): The weather took a turn for the extremely dreary this day. I woke up to the sound of steady rain, and I wished so badly that I could keep sleeping. My consolation was that I wore some new jeans that are really comfortable. Sometimes, comfortable clothing can make all the difference in the bearability of a day. I also finished the enjoyable book I had started the day before (and stayed up until 2am doing it--smart one, Jessica!).

Day 19 (March 6): My lunch break saw me purchasing some happy things at Target. My car was doing well--the engine light has been off for a few days now, and though I'm sure it still has an issue, it's just nice to pretend it doesn't. Also, after being really troublesome the day before, my car was back to working better this day (it has a problem being shifted out of Park). The hours went pretty fast, and work was okay--I don't mind my projects or my current work load.

So that's my week so far. I feel like my posts are pretty dull, but at least they should be more colorful soon, as everything starts blooming. How are you doing? Has anything special happened recently?


  1. Love these pics and that you're feeling good!

  2. I read this when you first posted but I guess I forgot to comment. I love all your thankfulness posts. :-)

  3. Very nice post : ) Love the deer pics of course!



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