Saturday, March 9, 2013

40DOT: Days 20 and 21

I thought I'd take advantage of a quiet Saturday morning and keep on top of my thankfuls.

Day 20 (March 7): Thursdays are one of my favorite days, so I generally feel better on them. Someone mistook me for being a lot younger than I am, which made me happy, and I had a nice conversation with a coworker while picking some of the Daphne blossoms. Oh and some checks came in the mail this day, and I was happy to be able to deposit them with my phone, since my bank is across town.

Day 21 (March 8):
Friday! TGIF to the bajillionth power. I actually felt pretty grouchy, tired and headachey all of Friday, so I was very thankful it was the end of the week. In the evening I wasn't ready to go back to my apartment, so I shopped around at the good Target and had a pleasant exchange with the cashier. I also felt a renewed motivation about some aspects of life.

PS The picture at the top of this entry was taken Friday morning as the fog was burning off by my office.

Here are some general thankfuls that don't necessarily pertain to a specific day, but I don't want to forget:

Daily Set and Quiddler: Maybe I've mentioned this, but my friend Dan and I exchange "S&Q" scores each day. (The New York Times puts out a puzzle each day--Set is here, Quiddler is here.) I'm grateful that such puzzles exist, and that I have a friend who wants to compare scores with me. It's a fun little part of my routine, and we've been doing it for probably 4 or 5 years now. (And for the record, Dan generally wins Set, and I used to mostly win at Quiddler, but lately it's evening out. Dan's a natural at pretty much any game.)

Walk It Out: I've recently been getting back into my Wii game that I reviewed here. I love this and hope that one day they'll come out with another.

Lunch breaks: The other day I was thinking about how good it is to have a break in my workday when I can leave and regroup. I usually have an audiobook to listen to, and sometimes I go home, do a little shopping, run errands, or just sit in my car and read or play some phone games. I don't always leave work, but I do at least go to my car, which is like my sanctuary at times. I just find that I'm a happier person when I have that little break and can change up the scenery. I sometimes feel self-conscious about hanging out in my car, but it's like my home away from home! :) Does anyone else feel that way?

Okay, this post is long enough! Thanks for reading it all, if you did.


  1. First, I love the photo at the top!

    Otherwise, when I worked outside the home, I used to hang out in my car in the parking garage. Kind of dark and a great place for a short snooze! (Provided I set an alarm so it was only a *short* snooze.). So yeah, I get that!

  2. Way back when I was in college, I used to take a nap in my car if I had a 20 minute break between classes. I would hear the people walking by as it got closer to class time. When I worked in Grass Valley, I used to eat lunch in my car. Sometimes I would drive to the fair grounds or a park and read in the car or at a picnic table.

    I love your misty-forest photo!

  3. I hang out in my car semi-regularly too! I used to feel weird about it, but now I don't care. :)

    Love that picture.

  4. Oh I've done plenty of car lunches in my time! : ) Or take a drive somewhere and eat lunch, or just drive around, especially when I was working somewhere I hated.

    And I'm not sure about me "catching up" on Quiddler, I think you still win most of the time : )

  5. I used to play the Set game every day, but I'm not very good at Quiddler. Maybe I need to practice! I have the actual cards for Set, but I haven't played them in a long time. You have to have the right kind of people around to play it, or else that game just makes them angry.

    Definitely not weird to hang out in your car!



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