Sunday, March 17, 2013

40DOT: Days 25-28

♣♣ Happy St. Patrick's Day! ♣♣ May your day be full of green, luck, rainbows, saints, corned beef, cabbage and green beer, if that's your thing. I just ate off a green plate! I'm the most festive Jessica you've ever met.

It wasn't until last year (yeah, I'm really clueless sometimes) that I learned that Chicago dyes the river green each year. I don't really want to be in Chicago in March, but I would like to see that green water. I suppose I could look out my back door for that, though...the lakes by my place aren't exactly Caribbean blue.

This holiday makes me think of my friend Tina. It's either her favorite holiday or at least one of her favorites, and she used to have a party each year. This year she's doing a special St. Patrick's Day church service (her husband is the pastor). I hope all went well!

Day 25 (March 13): I had lunch with my friend Katrina, and it was great. Good food (Padington's!), good company, and good conversation. The weather was really nice, too. At work I got several projects moved to the next step (i.e. off my plate and to the printer/proofer).

Day 26 (March 14): I went to Walmart on my lunch break and ran into a friend from church. She said that she reads my blog! :) :) Thanks, M--I had no idea! I also found out (thanks, Brenda!) that there's going to be a Veronica Mars movie! I loved that show and have watched the DVDs a few times. They mentioned a movie long ago, but then it didn't seem like it would happen. It's probably weird for me to get all excited about a movie, but I'm still annoyed that the show was cancelled after only three seasons. Any other Veronica Mars fans reading?

Day 27 (March 15): After a week of super tiredness, waking up for work was much more normal (it's never really easy). It was also pay day.

Day 28 (March 16): I got a St. Patrick's package in the mail from Dania. :D That's where the cute garland (is that the word?) in the first photo came from. I also got some of my chores done, though I was pretty slacky all day. Can I blame the weather? It was gray and then poured for awhile (see above photo, which doesn't actually depict it very well). But then it cleared up...

Oh and I resubscribed to Netflix because I found out The Office season 8 is now available there (before it only went to 7). So I watched a couple (several) episodes of that, and it made me actually LOL. I was skeptical about the show without Steve Carell, but they seemed to manage.

Then I had delicious California rolls for dinner:

[And if you think I only had those three pieces, you're trippin.]

Today is sunny, I have music playing and some motivation to get stuff done. Have a very nice day!


  1. This whole post made me happy.

    I wasn't trippin', myself, because I saw that picture and thought to myself, "She totally posed that plate for the picture ... there was no way she was satisfied with just three bites of California roll!" I know better. That stuff is so good. :-)

  2. Well I didn't know about the thing in Chicago until I read it on your blog 30 seconds ago! ; )

  3. LOVE that garland! Thanks for the SPD shout out! The party for church turned out pretty GREAT.

  4. Dad and I went to Ikea and then out a lunch/dinner at Chevy's for St. Patrick's Day! We had fajitas! The first time in years we didn't have the traditional American SPD meal. (These past couple of years have not been traditional on holidays. That's good and bad.)

    Again, great photos! Thanks.



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