Sunday, March 24, 2013

40DOT: Days 29-33

[Old picture from Death Valley]

Happy Palm Sunday! Only one more week until I can go back to being ungrateful!

[SPECIAL NOTE: I ♥ palm trees.]

This past week was busy with preparations for my spring party/gathering that I had yesterday. I had many goals and ideas that kept me busy each evening, so I got behind on posting here, but ahead on spring cleaning! I think I timed the party just right, because I was motivated to clean lots of stuff that gets neglected (like the drawer under the oven) even if my guests would never know.

On Sunday I started baking the cookies that would be decorated by my friends. I need to post the recipe for both the cookie and the frosting sometime (don't be sad, Mom: I didn't use the Lovely Cookie recipe). A friend passed it on years ago and it's very good. I also resubscribed to Netflix when I learned they have The Office season 8 now, and I had only seen up through 7. It's always nice to have something to watch while I have meals or sitting-down chores.

How about some bullet points? I feel like my notes don't make great paragraphs...

Day 29 (March 18)
  • I couldn't find my purse in the morning, but soon realized I had left it on my driver's seat all night. :| With the doors unlocked! So I'm very thankful that it was still there and that I live in a safe area in general.
  • I bought some much-needed new clothes on my lunch break.
  • I got more yeses for my party. Woo!
  • The weather was super nice (again!).
  • When I was at the store after work, I remembered that I would be able to go home and watch The Office while I ate dinner and filed paperwork, and that was a pleasant thought. I've been trying to note these little moments when I feel happy and am looking forward to something, even if they sound a little lame when I write them down.
  • While filing, I found a gift card I forgot I had received for my birthday.

Day 30 (March 19)
  • I bought some fun prizes at Target for my party and felt general party merriment all the while.
  • I misremembered a deadline and realized I had several extra days to get something done at work (I had been stressing a bit up until then).
  • I was productive at home.

Tissue flowers! Directions here.

Day 31 (March 20)
  • I had a fun and inspiring visit to Craft Warehouse on my lunch break. I only bought a $2 item (wire for the flowers), but got lots of ideas from all of their displays. There is some really cool stuff there if you're planning a party or wedding.
  • I enjoyed The Office while making tissue flowers and baking the rest of the cookies. I was so glad to have all the cookies finished--their messiness was slowing the progress of having the kitchen all cleaned up.
  • I remember feeling happiness and comfort when I was laying on my pillow that night. It was so soft.

Salsa Verde Chicken Bake

Day 32 (March 21)
  • I was afraid about a banking error I had made, but it all worked out, thank God.
  • Thursday! I just like Thursdays.
  • I had some evening plans so I mostly took the night off from cleaning/preparing for the party.
  • I tried the above Salsa Verde Chicken Bake recipe, and it's good and really easy. It doesn't look like much, but it has flavorful ingredients with the potential to add other items, if you wish (sour cream, tortilla chips, beans, etc.). I think next time I'll cut up the chicken, though--it's kind of messy to try and cut it later when it's all saucy and ricey.

A very womanly bottle of water, plus egg lights that I remembered to use.

Day 33 (March 22)
  • I decided to take the afternoon off, so it was a short day at work.
  • I spent the afternoon cleaning and decorating, and this made me feel very productive.
  • In the evening I felt really good overall. Evenings are probably my best time of day, plus it was Friday, my place was clean, and I was happy with anticipation. Not just about my Saturday plans, but about whatever goodness is in my future.

And of course yesterday was my happy party! But it gets its own post, since I have several pictures.

How was your week?


  1. Cute decorations! I can't wait to see the party post.

    My week was full of cleaning projects too. I hope I have time to catch up on my Lenten Thanks soon. :-)

  2. You really seem in a good mood. I'm sure the party went well. Now I get to check that blog out.

  3. That salsa verde chicken sounds pretty darn good. Bookmarked!

    Finding a forgotten gift card would be pretty fun : )



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