Thursday, April 25, 2013

Macro and California

Hey diddle diddle! (Fiddle music here.) Here is the first set of my photos from California. Most were done with the macro lens, but I'm including a couple of extras that are not macro. Just for the all-important record that is obviously being maintained with incredible accuracy.

Secretary, please also add to the record that the above droplet photo was actually taken in Oregon right before I got a ride to the airport.

Welcome to my parents' guest room! Mom, I hope it's okay I'm doing the big reveal here even though you still want to paint the walls another color. I just wanted everyone to see how cozy I have it when I stay with my mom and dad. Once upon a time this was my bedroom. Then I moved out (for like the twelfth time) and my parents fixed it up with flowery decor. Then my mom said, "It's time for a change," and they have worked on it since the last time I visited.

That poppy photo hanging on the wall was one I took and gave to them years ago. Wasn't I adorable? I did one version in color and one in black and white, copying my cousin's idea when she did that with some photos from one of our road trips.

Surprise! This is what the other side of the bed looks like! Notice anything familiar? Experiencing deja vu? That's because my parents got the exact same nightstands that I have in my bedroom! (Not on purpose.)

AND: they added a cute desk and new TV stand! There was another entertainment unit before, and no desk. Now I have the perfect spot for my laptop. They even got a desk lamp that has a plug outlet. Or maybe they stole it from a hotel room, I'm not sure.

Fern curl. This was on a fern by my parents' koi pond.

Another poppy photo. Don't worry, I won't print this one.

"Hi, I am a bee." Watch his stress melt away as he spends time with the lavender.

The rosemary has all sorts of bug life. Make sure to wash it off before you cook with it!

Check out this tiny spider. It was seriously small, but it looks like a tarantula here.

A little blurry, but oh well.

He has a ribbon in his hair!

You may get tired rose closeups, but I may not care.

NEXT UP: Nature walk in Bridgeport.


  1. You are so perky in your commentary! Had me laughing the whole time.

    I love the photos as usual but I'm looking on my phone so I can't pick a favorite till I see them all a little larger.

    Mom and Dad, I love what you did with the guest room! The desk is a smart idea. Very cute! Of course our guest room has had a desk for years now. You may not have noticed it under all the piles of paperwork. Or maybe you were just distracted by all the books and educational posters. But it's there. :-)

  2. I love the guest room! Especially the orange pillows.

  3. Thank you, Brenda, for liking the orange pillows! I do too :)

    Jessica, you make the room look better than it does, thank you.

    The spider on the rosemary is really cool. I can tell it's tiny because the rosemary branch looks BIG!



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