Sunday, April 21, 2013

Portraits: Katharine

Let's take a break from looking at tiny stuff up close and look at Katharine instead! Her college grad portrait session was on Easter, and we had a good time trying various locations and poses. The weather was perfect, and it was a really nice evening. She's a natural in front of the camera (as you'll soon see) and was really fun to photograph.

Sort of an outtake, but I liked it.

This building has a lot of great backdrops.

She just had the bow for her bass re-haired (is that what you call it?) in black. Cool, huh?

Working with the bubbles was funny due to the wind and lighting not totally cooperating. I wasn't getting quite the effect I was after, but she patiently kept working with me, and in the end I had some cute ones.

Thanks again, Katharine!


  1. So many great ones!! It's hard for me to pick favorites this time.

  2. I love this photo shoot. Do you send your blog to L's email? I'd love her to see how great someone can look in glasses, since she's going to get her first pair soon.

  3. Thanks Dania!

    Mom - she is? I didn't know that! Yeah, glasses can be really cute, and she'll look good in them. She does get this in her email but I don't know that she opens and reads them. And thanks!



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