Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Haps

I've been meaning to post this week, but once again I keep second-guessing all my ideas of what to say. It all seems boring, and yet I do want to keep up with this blog, so here goes a possibly boring entry.

Life as Jessica:

I just got home from a work luncheon where I took pictures. I have already changed into comfortable clothes and put my hair in a ponytail. It's rainy outside, and I don't mind spending the rest of the day relaxing. I have a can of Cherry Coke Zero in the freezer and the timer set so I won't forget it. My life is very glamorous.

I know I'm late to the party, but I've been watching Downton Abbey the past few weeks. I'm in season 2 now, so don't spoil anything for me. I used to think it was called Downtown Abbey, and that it was about a nunnery in an urban setting. I think the name is a little confusing that way, because neither of those things are true. Anyway, it's pretty good. Do you watch it?

I've been cooking some things lately and, for the first time, I made/ate salmon cakes. (See above--I may have had the temp too high when I cooked them.) They were good, although I might add a bit more mayo next time. I used this recipe, but I reduced it to 1/3, so I could've miscalculated a bit. The flavor was really good, though.

Oh and I learned that scallions are green onions! I felt dumb when I couldn't find them at the grocery store, and the employee who pointed them out to me said, "We call them green onions here." Uh...yeah, here too. Who calls them scallions? You can also call them precious onions, according to Wikipedia. My friend Ruth and I had a Twitter conversation about this hilariousness. Can you imagine? "Did you want precious onions in your salad?"

Speaking of recipes, at today's luncheon they served curry chicken salad, which I had never had. At first I wasn't sure how excited I was about it, but now I keep thinking about it and I might have to make some. The recipe was shared, and basically it's chicken, grapes (I won't include those--fruit and chicken should stay apart), whatever else you want, and then the sauce is an equal mix of sour cream and mayo, plus curry. I liked that sour cream trick--I might have to incorporate it into "my" chicken salad recipe.

Going backwards in time, on Easter I did a fun photo shoot with the lovely Katharine. I'm not ready to post my favorites yet, but here's one as a little teaser.

On Tuesday I have another photo shoot that I'm looking forward to, and then on Wednesday I am renting a macro lens to try out for 10 days! I am really excited about this, and have been planning it for months. I waited until now when we have both flowers and rain so I can try some fun droplet photos, plus hopefully some fern curls and anything else tiny that I feel like photographing! If you don't know, a macro lens helps you get in close to tiny subjects and it magnifies details that would be hard to focus on otherwise. If I'm any good at using it, you will be seeing a LOT of macro photography here over the next weeks. Stay tuned.

Next weekend I'll be in California visiting my parents, and I'm really looking forward to getting away. We've been having nice weather here, but now it's turned to the more usual gray rain, so that will make my trip south even better. I'm hoping maybe my parents and I can go somewhere fun, too, but even just hanging out with them at the house is fine.

I hope you're all having a nice weekend so far!


  1. A show about a nunnery in an urban setting would be much more my speed than the ACTUAL Downton Abbey. :)

  2. I haven't seen Downton Abbey (though I, too, thought it was Downtown until corrected by some friends of mine who are avid fans of the show), but I hear it's really great. Maybe S and I will have to check it out on Netflix. I'm on season -1 so no spoilers for me either, please. :-)

    I got a sneak peek at the other photo shoot pics and I love all of them, but can't help but wonder what she has written on her arm?

    The picture of that luncheon plate is beautimous! The salmon cakes, too. You know how I feel about salmon (gimme some).

    I don't remember what else I wanted to comment about, but basically, this post wasn't boring for me. I especially like the details of your soda in the freezer. The real you is all in the details and I love the real you.

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  4. (Whoooops--I said a name I wasn't supposed to. :) Rewrite!)

    Brenda - I think you'd actually like it!

    R - Yeah, C might like it too. It takes a couple of episodes to get into it (at least it did for me), but then I was more hooked. And yet not so hooked that I was staying up until 1am watching. :P Just one episode at a time is fine.

    She has a quote from Beethoven tattooed on her arm. You can Google it--it's like, "Don't just practice your art..." and it goes on.

  5. The curry chicken salad of course sounds awesome. Let us know if you make it yourself!

  6. Thanks for telling me what's on her arm ... it was really, really making me wonder. :) I'm assuming, when you say Beethoven, you mean the musician and not the St. Bernard, right? Just making sure. ;-)

  7. Okay, I found it. Here it is, in case anyone else was curious:

    “Don’t just practice your art, force your way into its secrets. For it and knowledge can raise men to the Divine.” — Beethoven

    Pretty cool.

  8. You are so creative with food. Salmon cakes! Yumm!



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