Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Animal sightings

The other day, after feeling particularly stressed and frustrated at work, I got a text from my coworker who spotted a raccoon in a tree. He was watching it and suggested I grab the camera and meet him over there to get some photos. These are the sorts of projects I LOVE to participate in.

I would say it was strange to see a raccoon out in the middle of the day, but that is when I saw them two other times at work (obviously I'm rarely there at night), so I suppose there are some raccoons who like to be out in the day just as there are humans who like to be awake at night. (What is the opposite of nocturnal, anyway?)

I took way too many pictures, but he kept doing funny things!

I was standing too close for him to feel safe about coming down the tree, at first.

He began to edge his way down. I moved back a little to give him space.

He's looking a little stuck.

Eventually he climbed down, but I think he was a little panicky and jumped back and forth from two trees a couple of times.

He may have been scared, but I thought it was pretty hilarious, and I was happy to catch the jumps on camera. It's all about me.

Finally he jumped to the ground and unknowingly headed toward several more people.

Which meant he went back up into another tree for safety. And then licked his little chops. The end. That raccoon photography excursion really brightened my day and I'm so glad my coworker thought to track me down!

Next on the list: deer. Back when I was renting the macro lens, I went out to take pictures of tiny things and ended up seeing four deer instead.

Mmmm delicious tree.

It looks like he's talking.

And finally: the other day I walked out on my deck just to get some fresh air, and I looked down and saw goslings!

I think I scared them off. Oh well--the important thing is that I got photos!

I still have more macro photos to post, and I've been taking pictures the past couple of days that I'll post eventually, too! Spring is so full of photo opportunities, and I've been trying to take advantage. The only problem is sometimes--between work photography and fun photography--I feel overwhelmed! I have so many pictures to go through and I'm way behind on email and a couple of other things. But it's nice to keep busy and I do love taking pictures. :)

If you'd like to see more photos, feel free to jump over to my sister's blog and check out a senior portrait shoot she did the other day.


  1. aww! I think raccoons are so cute. I had a raccoon puppet as a kid that I just loved. That might make me a little weird though. ;)

  2. LOVE these!! The raccoon is adorable!

  3. Wow! What great wildlife shots! They are a great collection and I love the raccoon story.

    Opposite of nocturnal is diurnal, by the way. That's from memory, so if you're quoting me you may want to google it to be positive.

    Thanks for sharing these. :-)

  4. Great pictures of the racoon! They can be mean, (At least they sound mean when fighting over food at night at Clear Lake.) but he is soo cute!! You cracked me up with your discriptions of him jumping from tree to tree. And who can resist deer or goslings?




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