Friday, May 3, 2013

Goings On

Hey! So I feel like I want to talk about something other than photography--would that be okay? I'll include some images, but most aren't mine.

I'm currently waiting for laundry to dry so I can change into work clothes. I am going in late today due to an event I have to work at tonight. I LOVE not having to set an alarm clock and letting myself wake up naturally. It puts me in a much better mood.

Here's what else I'm loving lately:

I recently bought a Fitbit One as a reward and help to me, and I've really been enjoying it. It's sort of like a fancy pedometer, except it also counts floors climbed (or hills, by "floor"), it monitors sleep/wake patterns at night, and it uploads all of the info wirelessly whenever it's within 20 feet of the designated computer (and your smartphone, if you have a newer one). It calculates estimated calories burned and the site lets you input food you ate, etc. if you want (but I use My Fitness Pal for that, and it's all synced up to Fitbit, which is awesome). It's also very small and securely clips to your clothing so no one can even see it. There are other little features, but you can go read them elsewhere. Yay Fitbit!

When things green up
I love love love when the trees finally get their leaves and it starts looking less bleak around here. Everything is more colorful and cheery. Walks around the neighborhood are far more pleasant, and even rain sounds different. But we've had lots of sunny days, which has also been VUNDERFUL.

Open Nature Greek Yogurt Bars
I believe this is just a Safeway brand, but they have lots of good products that are relatively healthy. I saw some frozen yogurt bars the other day and have been hooked. I can't seem to find a picture of the actual product anywhere, and I currently don't have any that I can photograph myself. Anyway, I love the vanilla and haven't even bothered trying the other flavors yet.

Mini Golf Matchup
Have I already mentioned this? I'm actually getting over the initial infatuation I had with this game, but I still enjoy it. It's one of those "with friends" sorts of phone games and something about it is so dang fun. If you want to play me, I'm GreengatePhoto.

Last night I finally had a beaver sighting. You may remember that the management here set up lethal traps last year (which made me mad/sad), but I had some clues that some had survived. I wanted to see them for myself, so I've been checking for them, and suddenly I saw one! Then I saw two, and photographed them, but the photo is awful--it's just proof that I saw them. So the above photo is just an old one for a visual aid. :)


I have to go, but I wanted to mention something I'm not really loving, but it pertains to many of you. As you probably know by now if you use it, Google Reader is going away (on July 1 I believe). So annoying! There are several alternatives out there, and one is The Old Reader. I have not used it very much yet, but it's basically just like Google Reader and they make it easy to transfer all your blogs over there. And, of course, you may just subscribe to my blog via email:

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I hope I don't lose readers when Google Reader is gone! Do any of you have other blog reader recommendations?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Yikes! I'll have to figure out what to use. I don't even know how to hook-up to Google. I think R did it for me. I enjoy reading the other commenters just as much as I enjoy commenting, so I hope everyone starts on something else.

  2. No, Mom, you're fine! :) You don't use Google Reader (that I know of). You get my posts in email or directly read them at my blog, so nothing will change for you. :)

  3. Beavers and Open Nature yogurt bars, what else could you possible ask for in life?

    Fitbit sounds pretty nifty, especially if it actually provides some motivation on top of all the nifty features : )



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