Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lupine and stuff

The other day my coworker told me about all the lupine growing in the field across the street from our offices, and urged me to take pictures. So I stayed late one night and took several of the lupine as well as some other scenes. All of these photos were taken with our office camera, which is a Nikon D700.

(By the way, I thought I had more photos from when I rented the macro lens, but it turns out I'm done with those. Until next time I rent it. :D)

Earlier in the day I had noticed some columbine growing by a coworker's office. I liked the coloring of the wall behind it and asked if I could barge in and take pictures through her window.

And now it's evening. The nice thing about evening photos is that I can practice incorporating flare.

I love evening light! (Who doesn't?) And check out all the little evergreen trees sprouting up.

I went out the following day with better shoes on so I could walk further into the field.

I had a hard time narrowing these down, sorry. I wanted you to get a good idea of what I saw.

Okay no more lupine. Here are some weeds instead!

I have a thing for these more textury types of pictures.

One of the dogwoods at work.


The scotch broom is all in bloom, which is what aggravates my allergies the most. So I decided to walk around near it.

Thanks for looking!

Last night I went to the rose garden, so I have several rose pictures I will post one day. I also have some from the iris garden, but am debating whether to post them since they aren't all that exciting. It is exciting to have so many flowers blooming around me, though! And now we've had a bit of rain and we're at our peak of green. How's the weather for you?


  1. Our weather is odd lately. This is not rainy season, yet I can't keep my car clean because every other day it's sprinkling just enough to make it dirty. Mostly it's sunny and warm -- which I'm not complaining about -- but what's the deal with the slight sprinkles. Annoying.

    I love especially the pictures with the birds in them. And that last one with a butterfly(?) What kind is that?! Cool looking anyway.

    That lupine field is beautiful. What a nice scene for your drive to and from work. Looking forward to more flower photos. :-)

  2. So beautiful! I wish we had lupine here.

  3. Love the large pic of the flare coming through the trees, that's great. Also a fan of pictures #9 and #10 : )

  4. Beautiful! My dad used to call all blue wild flowers lupine (only he pronounced it lupin), I never knew what they really looked like.

    I like the butterfy, too. When we were in PV we saw so many cool butterflies, flowers and birds. We didn't get many good photos as we only had my cell phone. I thought about you, though :)



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