Saturday, June 1, 2013


Happy June! Now we begin a month that is fulllll of birthdays. And I'm already behind, since Dania's is Monday and I have yet to send off a gift! Sorry, Dania!

Did you know June's flower is the rose? You probably do if you're a June baby. On my recent walks I've been noticing some of the awesome roses in bloom, so the other day I went to the rose garden downtown to take pictures. Rose photos are so cliché, but there's a reason. I feel like my appreciation for roses has been renewed lately. The layers of petals in a random-but-not arrangement are my favorite aspect. On this day it had just been raining, so I had the added bonus of droplets everywhere. Many of these photos are similar because I was focused (no pun intended) more on the color and layering detail than the overall scene.

This color kills me. It's so delicate and clean. I feel like decorating my bedroom in this pallet.

I was wishing for the macro lens, but I also felt like my lens was doing a pretty decent job at capturing the details.

This photo doesn't interest me that much, but I wanted to show you this yellow-orange color.

Loooove peach roses.

I actually had to desaturate some of these, because my camera seems to pump up reds and yellows so that you can't see details.

Thanks for looking! Do you have any exciting plans for June?


  1. I think that post came with scents! I started smelling roses about half-way through. Very cool.

    Exciting June Plans: Well... planning an all-music worship service for June 9th. :)

  2. Such beautiful photos of roses. I love the peach roses, too. (Surprise, surprise!) It's a real treat that you got the droplets included.

    Plans for June: We're having a yard sale on June 8th. Dad and I are going to another Giants' baseball game on June 19th. My birthday is in June, of course. (but, no biggee!) Going camping at the end of June and first part of July. It looks like we have a busy month!

    How about you?

  3. Tina - you reminded me that I forgot to mention the scents at the garden. There was one particular rose (not pictured--the photos didn't really please me) that was purple and very fragrant. I was so wishing I could capture it and let you guys experience it.

    Thanks, K!

    Mom - Yes, you guys are busy as usual. My June is actually pretty open. No plans yet, except normal weekly things. But then I go to NM on July 3rd, so it's probably good I'm not very busy this month. Good luck with your sale!

  4. We've talked about how roses are so boring and cliche but they really are gorgeous! Feel free to post pics of them anytime.

  5. I love these. Question: were the droplets there from the rain or artificially placed? It doesn't matter to me, I'm just curious.

  6. Thanks, Brenda, Dan and R!

    R - As I said in the post, it had just been raining, so I had the added bonus of droplets everywhere. I.e. no, I didn't spray them with water.

  7. Oh wow that orange and pink/red one is amazing. I usually am so-so about roses but these are fabulous.

  8. I love the light pink, the peach and the last rose there! They are all gorgeous!
    June is such a beautiful month.



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