Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Schreiner's Iris Garden

About a million years ago, my friend Deborah and I went to Shreiner's Iris Garden in Keizer to take some pictures. I wasn't really feeling it (which means I only took maybe 150 photos instead of 400 :P) but I do have a handful of pictures to share and I know Deborah was curious to see them. Many are not of irises since I've taken so many in the past. (You can see more irises if you click on the Schreiner's tag.)

I always get a little addicted to photographing these, for some reason.

Deborah gives us a little size comparison for these poppies. NOTE: Deborah is like 6 feet tall.

I couldn't decide where I wanted to focus.

The lovely Deborah. In the first photo I joked that she was so proper with her sitting posture, so the right picture is her response.

Some people's houses meet up with this public garden, which would be kind of interesting for those residents. I am sure many people mistakenly walk into the yards that aren't gated.

The plant nursery/store had lots of cute flowers.

After we left the garden, Deborah was really nice about pulling over in different places so I could get more pictures.

Like with this iris field. I've never been here or taken pictures because it's not really open to the public (that I know of). But there aren't signs saying to keep out, either, and we were able to drive on a dirt road so I could get out and walk around in them.

These pictures remind me how much I need to improve with landscape photography. For such a cool subject, the photos are pretty bland.

Drive by.

There you go! Thanks for looking, and thanks again to Deborah for accompanying me to the garden, and chauffeuring me around the iris fields. :)


  1. Alas, I'm sad I did not get to accompany you on this trip, though Deborah did most excellently. :)

    I'm having good memories now. :)

  2. Tina, how many times did you come with me? I thought of I while I photographed the colored benches, and mentioned to Deborah that they are great for portraits, especially with kids. :)

  3. Wow, I love these shots. You got some really good ones. I'm amazed at how big those poppies are! And irises are my favorite ;-)

  4. Beautiful flowers, all! I wish I knew all of their names.

    What's with that lone purple iris among the black irises!?

    Thank you for the lovely show.

  5. Lots of great pics! I think the barn photo is my favorite. Something about old barns that everyone loves for whatever reason...

    I also like the landscape photos. I thought they looked good, but if you feel you need to practice more on them and show us the results that would be great ; )



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