Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Variety

Next week I'm traveling, and since I may take a picture or two while on vacation, I feel like I need to catch up on other photos I wanted to post so I'm not even further behind. I have been envisioning more organized blog posts with certain subjects (dragonflies, for instance) or locations captured, but it's getting too overwhelming. Time to bombard you and who knows what you'll see? Exciting mystery! And sorry for any accidental repeats--my photos are a disorganized mess lately.

(Of course, now I'm suddenly really hungry. Peanut butter and apples to the rescue.)

These rainbow pictures are from Memorial weekend, I believe. The rainbow was very vibrant and, as you can see in this photo, sort of repeated its pattern skinnily.

I've been walking a lot this summer, so I sometimes take the camera along and get a few neighborhood pictures. I really really need to find a good camera strap that can go across my body like my purse does, but the only ones I've seen hook into the camera's tripod attaching area (what's that called?) instead of the regular strap hooks, and I don't want that. I just want a normal, secure strap that is a bit longer than the one that came with the camera. I welcome suggestions.

Oh yeah this was when I discovered another pond near my place.

Here it is.

These song sparrows (or whatever they're called) are so easy to photograph. Not only do they sit there doing their little tune over and over so you can find them, but they aren't that afraid and will wait for you to get a photo. I love his little blowy feathers here.

Yet another cool place I discovered for walking, although it really aggravated my allergies.

Oh foxes! Come here, I have something to keep your hands warm! (And yes this is the lovely macro lens capturing those fine flower hairs.)

Doesn't this look like an eye? Kind of creepsville.

Don't worry, it's just a beaver.

He came to play patty-cake with the vines.

*** Randomly-placed shout-out to my friend Michael, whose lovely piano music I'm currently
listening to as I make this post! ***

More photos from a walk in May.

These photos are dedicated to my friend Holly. Holly, enjoy the heck out of this nutria!

Closer, you say?

This was fun--when I first got the macro lens I was out gathering stuff for droplet photos when I saw this dragonfly. I went back and got my camera, knowing he'd probably stay put while I was gone, and fortunately he did. As I was taking photos, a neighbor started asking a couple of questions and we discussed photography. He happened to have a ladder sitting out by his broken-down U-haul that he was dealing with (sounds like a great day for him) and I was able to use it and get closer! Still not quite close enough, but it was very convenient and nice talking to this man and his wife briefly.

Can someone tell me that type of plant? The wife was wondering.

Looooving the way this lens captures color.

A closer crop.

Some wing detail.

Okay, I'll stop there for now. I still have several to go and might post a couple more times this weekend if I find the energy. How do you like these mixed posts?

Have a great weekend!


  1. That first bird one is funny, he looks like he's singing his heart out.

    Man, so many good ones!!!

    Those macro shots of the dragonfly wings would make an awesome set to blow up and frame on the wall.

  2. Thanks, Dania! (First commenter!)

    I am hoping to get more dragonfly wing photos as summer goes on. I need to get in very close. In this case they are just crops from other photos. But that would be kind of cool to have dragonfly wings hanging on the wall. :D

  3. I always think about how pretty it is where you live... no one would think "city" from all the nature around you.

    I liked the singing bird, too. So sweet and cheerful, a whole-hearted song. :)

    I also liked the beaver fingers. :)

  4. Awesome dragonfly-wing shots! The eyes, too!!



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