Monday, July 8, 2013


Today is my last full day in the Albuquerque area, and tomorrow I fly home. :( I will miss everyone, but I suppose it will be nice to get back to my own bed, car and town.

One of my wishlist items was to revisit the butterfly pavilion in Albuquerque's botanic garden. My sisters both have a membership there and can bring a guest on that pass. I wanted to test out my new lens on the butterflies. It was really fun and I could've probably stayed in there a couple more hours, but it was pretty hot and we had several kids with us. It was a semi-hectic day at various points, but I had fun and am really glad we were able to make it out. I have tons of photos (duh) that I'll show you sometime, but here are a couple now. Below is one of the freshly emerged butterflies in the cabinet where they have a bunch of chrysalises that are constantly hatching. It was really interesting! I got to watch a couple ooze right out. Man, I love butterflies!


  1. Beautiful! I want to see more. :-)

  2. That's very cool. I wonder what kind of butterfly he is!

  3. Thanks!

    Mom - Yeah, I'm not sure on either one. The top one looks like a monarch but isn't, according to R (and the body isn't very monarchy anyway).

  4. Did any of the butterflys land on your finger when you stuck it out?



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