Thursday, July 25, 2013

Beavers! 7 posts in 7 days!

Last night I finally got clear photos of a beaver out of water! They still aren't the best, but the fact that you can clearly see him and his tail make them a million times better than any of the others I've taken when the beaver was like 100 feet away. This one got out on "my" side of the lake, and I grabbed my camera and got several photos. Many were blurry because it was so hard to focus in the low light and through the trees, but here are two that turned out decently (if you ignore the noise from being at 1600 ISO on a camera that doesn't handle that very well).


In other news, I have decided that next week I'm going to attempt to post here every day. Another blogger I follow is doing that this week, which didn't work for me, so I'll begin on Monday. (I know Monday isn't the first day of the new week, but doesn't it feel like it is?) My posts may not have a lot of photos, but a little something about me/life lately.

Do you want to take on the challenge with me? You don't have to write on each day--no one will know if you write a couple at a time and schedule them to post on separate days. One of the reasons to do it is so you aren't obsessing over your posts, but learning to quickly write up something short and sweet for the purpose of checking in and connecting with others. See the above linked post for more reasons to do it. If you're in, please comment here and tell my readers a little something about your blog so they can go over and check it out during your week of posts!

Here are some ideas for what you can post about:

  • Books you are reading, or books you read in the month of July
  • A summary of your typical day/week
  • Pictures and thoughts about your home
  • Some of your lesser-known dreams and wishes for your life
  • A little about your personality
  • Something about your family, siblings, etc.
  • Talk about your hometown
  • Talk about your travels--where you've been and where you'd like to go
  • Post a self-portrait or any other "photo of the day" by itself
  • Talk about what got you interested in blogging

And there are about a million other ideas--those were all just off the top of my head. Of course you can also just stick to posts that match your usual blog content, if you'd like.

Talk to you next week!


  1. Great shots of the beaver! Congratulations! I'll try to keep up with reading your blog every day next week.

    Love, Mom

  2. I'm excited that you're doing the 7 days thing!

  3. I will try to do the 7 in 7 challenge with you. I really want/need to get back in a regular habit of posting (and always need more practice being short and sweet - ha!).

  4. Thanks, all! R, I forgot to respond to you to say thanks for doing the 7 days thing too!

  5. Little beaver buddies, yay!

    I should post more to my blog : /

  6. I am fascinated and creeped out by beavers. These are still great shots!



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