Saturday, July 6, 2013

Independence Day

Wow, I thought I would've posted from NM by now, but it's been busy! And though I brought my laptop, I don't always have a good place to settle in and blog. Anyway, just a couple of photos from my 4th for now. How was yours?

We watched fireworks from a park near my sister's house. There's a great view from there. I borrowed my sister's tripod and took several fireworks photos (and had some nieces help me click the shutter on a few, which was apparently super fun).

I also had the opportunity to practice lightning photos! It was going during the fireworks, and on into the night. Besides a coincidental picture I took from an airplane once, I think these were my first lightning photos. Oregon (or at least Salem) rarely has lightning, and it's so sporadic that it's hard to photograph. I've been enjoying all the lightning and thunder we've had since I got here. Yesterday a storm rolled in while my nephieces and I were shopping in Target, and you could hear it booming through the store (which caused lots of excited-but-slightly-scared squeals from a couple nieces).

Well, there's a ton more to say and show you, but it'll have to be another time. Have a great weekend!


  1. Fun! I look forward to a bunch more photos when you get back!

  2. Beautiful photos! I especially like the lightning one. :)

  3. We saw no fireworks this year since we were in the mountains. The fire danger prohibits the use of fireworks. We had a great time chilling in the Yuba River, though.

    I hope L was not one of the neipheces squealing about the thunder. I think I gave her a lesson on lightening and thunder one summer in YC.

  4. Thanks, Dania and HCH! :D

    Mom, no it was N, J and a bit of O. The little ones. :) Except E who didn't seem to notice beyond her sister and cousins being all hyped.

  5. I'm glad that my lesson may have helped. (So many years ago.) I tend to think that J and O were just screaming in excitement because of N's screams. Maybe like the moth incident at the Tahoe cabin.

  6. Mom - Yeah they were screaming with mostly excitement, and just a bit of nervousness. It was sort of a happy squealing, like when you're on a carnival ride.



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