Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Trip photos (part 3)

I forgot to say thanks for the well-wishes regarding my health the other day. On Saturday I woke up with extreme dizziness/vertigo. I've never experienced anything like it, and it was horrible. It was like being reallyreallyreally car sick, and I had to lay very still. I'll spare you the other details, but eventually I was much better, but slept a lot of the day away. It was frustrating that part of my weekend was devoted to feeling crappy, but at least it was just on Saturday.

This is the last set of photos from my trip. Most of these are from the butterfly pavilion at the botanical garden in Albuquerque. Enjoy!

I guess they're mating.

I love this butterfly SO MUCH (I want to marry it), but it would not sit still for me. Its wings were continuously flapping when I tried to photograph this angle, so this was the best I could do.

I still need to look it up. I'm sure it's some species that is only found deep in the forests of South America or something.

This butterfly is a little rough. I can't tell if it's born like that or if it got into a butterfight.

My beautiful niece taking pictures. She was the only one of my nephieces who seemed to enjoy being in the pavilion longer than a few minutes. Some were creeped by the butterflies flying around, some just got bored, but K hung out with my sister and me while in here. It was fun. I think she got some good pictures.

I like this butterfly--nice colors.

This butterfly stayed on a woman's leg as she walked around in the pavilion, so on her way out the workers had to shoo it off with their magic butterfly wand.

Closeup--it looks like it was just spray-painted. Maybe all of the butterflies were painted and they're just tricking us into thinking they're exotic? Maybe they're all just plain black naturally.

Some of the chrysalises they had hanging up. It's not only interesting how different they are, but you can kind of tell the stage they're in compared to others.


These poor (Owl?) butterflies have the misfortune of dull coloring as well as a chrysalis that look like a dead leaf. Sorry guys.

While observing the one in the last picture, I realized this one was just coming out of his chrysalis! Their bodies are all pudgy at first, but they release some liquid (that looks like blood--ew) and look normal after awhile.

Lots of semi-freshly hatched butterflies.

We took a break in the aquarium to cool off while my sister got lunch. These rays were fun to watch.

After a picnic lunch, I brought out the bubble supplies again.

I really liked her outfit--very summery.

One more visit in the butterfly pavilion. This butterfly was on a man's shoulder, so I took a quick photo before telling him about it.

These cool birds were in there, too.

Another butterfly hatching!

He looks about ready to be released.

Later that evening, my nephew and I took a walk and watched a storm moving in.

When it got dark I got the tripod out and tried more lightning photography. The pictures turned out better this time, and I realized a better way to take them that I wish I had thought of earlier on. Anyway, I was happy with the photos I got, and glad that my nephew was there to keep me company.

My best lightning shot of the trip.

I was really glad it was stormy on many of the nights I was there. So fun!

I had a good trip overall. I got to do most everything I wanted, and of course the main reason for going was to see my sisters and their families. It's bittersweet because seeing everyone always makes me feel a little lonelier when I go back home. Plus I tend to analyze everything I said and did, worrying about how I handled various conversations and situations with my nephieces. I have this fear of them remembering me for the times when I'm careless with my words or behavior. I've already apologized to my 6-year-old niece (through a text to her sister) for speaking somewhat harshly to her when she wouldn't listen or do what was being asked, and she apparently responded like she had no idea what I was talking about. :P I'm glad. I tend to be overly anxious sometimes.

Okay, now this post has turned into a confessional. I just want my nephieces to know how much I care about their feelings, even though I'm human and don't always show it. Maybe my sister can pass that on to them sometime(s). :)

Speaking of my sister (the one who reads my blog): thanks so much, R, for hostessing once again. It's nice of you to take me places and let the other kids come over so I can get plenty of time with everyone! I know that having a guest can be tiresome and throw off your whole routine, even if it's your sister. Know that I appreciate your time!


  1. Such exciting photos! The lightening photos are great! I'm sure that having a nephew with you at the time was a learning experience for both of you.

    Love that butterfly park. Those poor newly-hatch butterflies must feel they need a massage. Can you imagine sleeping in the same position for several days. OOOHHH!

    Thank you, Mom

  2. Gorgeous! Our zoo has a butterfly exhibit sometimes, but it's not as nice as this one.

  3. Thank you Mom and Brenda! :D Sorry I am just now responding. Mom, yes I did try to explain (simply) a little about what I was doing to get the photos. Both to Z and J. At least they seemed to catch on a bit about long exposures.

  4. "Butterfight"? Jessica!

    Those lightning pics are spec-tac-u-lar!

  5. That rough butterfly is phenomenal. I can't stop staring.

    Oh man I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lightning photos!!



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