Sunday, July 14, 2013

Trip photos (part two)

More pictures! We went to a park that was doing free lunches and a boy at the park loaned these to two of my nephieces.

E's at the age where she likes to jump a lot!

Time for a mani from K.

The other younger kids played with toys.

She likes a good, close look at the actors.

More bunny cuteness.

My sister heard of a rose garden in ABQ that she wanted to check out, so we took our nieces over for photos.

N always comes up with her poses.

Including this one.

I bought some smoke bombs at Target and the kids hadn't seen them before, so they were a big hit.

Then I brought out my bubble supplies.


Later we did the glow bubbles my friend Dania had gotten for me. The bubbles themselves don't glow, but the kids were pretty impressed that the bottles were glowing.

Those weren't exactly portfolio pictures, but I thought you might enjoy seeing the cuteness. I hope you had a nice weekend (I can't really say I did :P) and that your week is better than you expect!


  1. Well, I hope you are feeling better, now. (aside from the fact that it's Monday and you have to go to work!)

    The photos are GREAT! (as always) That N is such a ham. Good to see photos of L, too. (she is so camera-shy lately) All of the grandchildren look adorable.

    You are such a good Tia with all your surprises and ideas for entertainment.

    Thank you, love, Mom

  2. I'm reminded how much of a mess our backyard is right now. Blehh. Oh well.

    But anyway, yes, I think the kids really loved all the treats and I think it was special for D's girls to have both their tias for one evening without my kids (who were happily with their Daddy) at the rose garden. It was lots of fun and I still haven't looked at the pictures I took that evening. But I should.

    :-) I'll get to it.

  3. So many good photos of the kids!

    Bummer that the actual bubbles don't glow!

  4. Thanks for the comments! Sorry I'm so terrible at responding, so now they're kind of outdated.

  5. You're the best tia ever! You brought all kinds of fun stuf for the nephices : )



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