Thursday, August 1, 2013

Books and Netflix

Happy August! This is the first day where I'm not really sure what to post. I had thought about posting my book list from July, but it's a little embarrassing. For instance, I reread Twilight. So how about my in-progress books, instead?

What I'm reading:
Currently I have audio of The Winter Sea (Susanna Kearsley) going in my car, Must Love Dogs (Claire Cook) on my phone (for walks), and an actual paperback* of The Sleeping Beauty Proposal (Sarah Strohmeyer) sitting near my bed. I've only just started the last two and don't have much to say. As for The Winter Sea, I have slightly mixed feelings so far. The writing is good, but some of the content is not really my thing (Scottish history and politics). I suppose I am enjoying it overall, though. I'd be interested in reading something else by her.

And while we're on the subject of leisurely entertainment:

What I'm watching:
I can't remember if I mentioned watching Arrested Development (a TV show, if you don't know). I really enjoyed the first three seasons--I literally LOLed at various points--but the bonus fourth season on Netflix was NOT great. In fact, I still haven't finished it, and I've only trudged through the episodes I have because I was just looking for something to turn on briefly during meals, and didn't know what else to watch.

Then I decided to give New Girl a try, and enjoyed the first season that's on Netflix. I wish Netflix would get all of the seasons of shows, but what do I expect for $8/month?

As for movies, last night I finished watching the Katy Perry movie/documentary, Part of Me. It was good. I am not crazy about Katy Perry for various reasons, but I definitely gained more understanding and appreciation for her after watching.

I'd love to hear any Netflix recommendations you have, or even non-Netflix. What are you watching?

August is a little bland for me. I haven't had a lot of wondrous things happen in this month, and it's at the point where I'm mourning the end of summer and not wanting to rush fall. I'd be happy for this August to prove me wrong this year and be awesome. Here's to a new trend: Awegust! ;) *clink*

*I know! Not audio or Kindle? There was no audio and the Kindle version was more than I wanted to spend.


  1. Happy August to you!

    We do not have Netflix.

    I'm reading Children Are Diamonds: An African Apocalypse by Edward Hoagland on my Kindle. Dad got it for me. It's really hard to get into (Not my style), unless it gets a lot better, I won't recommend it. Last month I read Circle of Friends by Maeve Binchy. I enjoyed it!! You may have already read it.

    Enjoy your day! Love, Mom

  2. Thanks, Mom! That's interesting that Dad just got you an Africa book and I got you an Africa DVD. So random. I have not read Circle of Friends, but I did see the movie.

  3. I just started the book called...ummm...Where does Mother Go to Resign? It was recommended by a friend and so far it's interesting. It was not available on Kindle.

    Happy August. I'm making it fun by doing a theme list on Instagram. I'm so interesting lately. Lol.

  4. R - Oh yes, I saw that! I've considered doing one of those monthly photo projects, but figure I'd get burnt out after about three days.

  5. August is certainly nothing special so far, but here's to Awesome Awegust! *clink*

  6. Did you finish Arrested Dev? I was a bit dissapointed in the beginning of the 4th season but I did think it got better in the end.



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