Saturday, August 3, 2013

No Subject

Just two more posts (including this one) until I've fulfilled my goal of seven posts in seven days. It hasn't been overly challenging, but I can't imagine doing it beyond seven days, or attempting this several times throughout the year. I've actually had to make my blog a priority this week and take time for it each evening after work, when normally I would just post when I felt like it. I knew it would be over in a week, though, so it wasn't overwhelming. I think there's a 30-day blog challenge going around right now, and my initial response to seeing a friend was doing it was something along the lines of NO, THANK YOU.

This morning started off pretty rough. I had a bad dream involving my little niece N witnessing something horrific, and I woke up feeling very angry and upset about the fact that people of all ages have traumatic events in their real lives, not just in my dream. These are the times when I feel anxious and over-protective, and I wonder how parents manage. Don't those fears (and the actual events) freak you out?

I was also frustrated to wake up too early after what my Fitbit tells me is 6 hours and 9 minutes of sleep. On a Friday night, that's ridiculous. All week I look forward to getting a proper night's sleep and waking up naturally on Saturday morning, so when I am unable to take advantage of the open schedule, it gets on my nerves.

So you don't think this entire entry will be whiny ranting, I do feel a little better now that the dream has faded and I've read about 50 pages of a light-hearted book. I was convinced that my first waking moments would set the tone for the entire day, but now at least I'm not entirely convinced. ;)

In other news, I was surprised at how much you guys liked the cat post! I got more comments and emailed responses to that than usual.

Also, thanks again to those of you who comment on my posts (whether in actual comments or in emails), cats or no. I really appreciate it. I tried to catch up on some responses recently, so check back on those posts if you want to read them. Sometimes I will see old entries and realize I never responded to some comments and I feel badly. I know how it bothers me when some of my comments go unacknowledged, so I hate making others feel like that. Apparently I don't hate it enough to change, though--many of you are probably remembering the emails I've yet to answer.

Okay, I have no idea what my point was here, but have a great Saturday and I'll see you tomorrow!


  1. I don't think I've ever done 7 posts in a month (across all websites :p), so 7 in 7 days would be challenging. Nice job on completing it!

  2. Since I've never done a post, I think it's miraculous that you posted 7 days in a row!

    I do enjoy your commenting on our comments. I already checked back, so thank you!

    I've been dreaming a lot lately. Sometimes wake up very disturbed. I notice, now that I'm older, that I don't remember the dream very long, though.

  3. YES, thinking about traumatic events for children is like a punch in the gut (repeatedly)and being a "worst case scenario" person as as someone with a great imagination, I can come up with the worst mess and get completely bent out of shape. It's tough. Sorry about the bad dreams... I hate how they linger.

  4. Thanks, Dan!

    Haha, Mom, you could do it. :D I can definitely imagine you blogging if you were born at a different time (no offense--I just think it comes more natural for our generation).

    Fayelle - That's pretty much the scariest aspect of parenting, for me. The anxiety I would feel about my kids 24/7.

  5. Yep, it's the scariest. I don't know how people without God deal with it. But it IS handle-able and the joys of parentin thankfully leave little room for the freaking out. :)



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