Friday, August 2, 2013

Throwback Friday

[My mom next to her new Jeep (that she doesn't have anymore) in August of 2006. This was the oldest August photo I could find without too much effort. Hi, Mom!]

On Instagram there's a trend called Throwback Thursday where people post an old photo. It's Thursday when I'm writing this, but I know you won't see it until Friday, so that explains the title. Aren't you glad to know?

I was struggling to come up with something to post, so I decided I was going to look back in my journal and tell you what August 2nd has been like in years of Jessica past. I don't know what I'll find yet, so I'll comment as I go. Ready?

August 2, 2012: I was pretty sick last year at this time. I forgot about that! But on the 2nd I had improved, though I went to the doctor on the 3rd.

August 2, 2011: This year I was still getting over my ear infection and talked to the NP over the phone. What is it about this time of year that makes me sick? But on the bright side, I went to Padington's with Tina that day. :D

August 2, 2010: According to my journal, I felt "Mondayish" this day. And guess what? I had a doctor's appointment! August is a very doctory time for me. No wonder I don't consider it a great month. I am now reminded that I felt all paranoid about my health, and that helps me feel grateful that I am less paranoid lately. Even though I still struggle with knowing when to see a doctor, I am not experiencing the same anxiety about it that I had back then. Yay!

August 2, 2009: This day I went to Bush Park and took pictures, including the above. No doctor's appointments, thank goodness.

August 2, 2008: I went to the Portland zoo with my friend Dan and took this picture, which Dan and I still joke about because of the little kid-finger in the corner. Now we hold our finger out anytime we want to offer it up as a perch to an animal of any kind--bird, butterfly, deer, etc.

August 2, 2007: My niece J was adopted this day! I don't even know if it's okay to post this photo--R? I can take it down if not. R took it and it's SO ADORABLE how she's signing the paperwork to be officially adopted. She was almost 3.

I also got a misdialed text message that said, "God is going 2 shift things around 4 u tonight & let things work in ur favor. just believe in him." It was meant for someone's brother who had a similar cell number to mine. I went ahead and let myself believe maybe it was no accident. :)

August 2, 2006: For some reason my friend Serena and I declared this day Blue Sky Holiday, per the song Bad Day by Daniel Powter. I also was feeling "good, spiritually," apparently.

August 2, 2005: Wow, I was not having a good day. All of my journal entries are full of frustration and discouragement. That wasn't my happiest year. I was also housesitting this day.

August 2, 2004: I was living in New Hampshire with my sister's family at this time, and apparently we went on a hike this day. I do remember the hike, but of course I didn't remember it was August 2nd. Thanks again, R, for letting me come live with you for a couple of months! You're a nice sister.

August 2, 2003: My sister D was supposed to have a garage sale, but it was raining and it didn't happen. She had a Partylite candle party later that evening, and afterwards my then-boyfriend and I watched Phonebooth with my sister and brother-in-law. It was a pretty good day.

August 2, 2002: This day I was talking about my fascinating coworker, Kim, who was an Olympic gold medalist with a brother who played for the Seattle Seahawks. I was obviously being very fangirlish about it all. I had much cooler coworkers back then. ;) (I'm seriously j/k--I have some really great coworkers now.)

August 2, 2001: Uh oh, more doctorness on August 2nd. I had to go pick up someone at the hospital. All was fine, though!

And that's it! I started my journal in 2001, so the years before that are completely blank to me. ;)

Do you remember any of your past August 2nds?

Enjoy Blue Sky Holiday and have a great weekend!


  1. I do not remember past August
    2nds. I do not keep a journal! You are very good!

    I enjoyed all of your memories, but sorry you suffered from illness often in August :(

    Aww! J signing her name to adoption papers before she was 3 years old. How sweet! :)

    The yellow jeep is a fond memory, sadly we sold it in 2008 with the down-turn in the economy. I'd forgotten we only had it 2 years.

    Happy and sad memories. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
    Love, Mom

  2. Oh! And I love the little finger, too. Kids always do that ;)

  3. That was fun to read! I'll have to look at my past journals to see if I posted anything on August 2nd in prior years. :)

  4. Mom - Well I'm not "good,"--I really enjoy journaling in the forum that I use. :) It's not a chore at all.

    Thanks for reading, everyone! I wasn't sure if this post would be especially boring, so your comments make me happy. :)

  5. Well, thanks for reminding me ... I do remember what I was doing on August 2, 2007 now. :) It was a good day!

    As for all the others, maybe I'll look at photo galleries and such since I'm a terrible journaler (as far as regularity goes).

    It's fine with the picture, I'm relaxing a bit with this because the kids apparently like it when I put them online -- I just don't use their names for search engine reasons. I wish I'd been able to get better adoption day pictures

    I remember that Jeep day clearly (for Mom) - I wasn't there, but I remember getting an email with that picture.

  6. This was a fun post : ) I didn't even realize you had a picture of Finger Kid!

  7. I liked reading about your August 2nds!

    Mildly funny story about August 2nd - when I started working at the newspaper, there was a girl there who was a writer. We were talking about birthdays and I asked when hers was. She said August 2nd. I said, "That's Grady Sizemore's birthday!" (The former Indians center fielder who I thought was so hunky.) The funny part was that she answered, "I know!"

    Now, not an August 2nd goes by without me thinking about both of them celebrating birthdays.

  8. I have no idea about past Aug 2nds... this was interesting!

    Adoption photo!!!! That's priceless.



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