Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fall is coming

Hi! Yesterday, I was feeling suddenly ready to accept that fall is almost here, so I was inspired to bring the camera on a quick walk at work. Plus, that's actually part of my job! Here are a few things I saw.

Not particularly fally, but in Oregon it kind of is because we tend to get a burst of green after the dry summer. We had some heavy rain last week and it's pumped up the color a bit.

Just a goofy photo. There are lots of Steller's jays out lately. At one point I could hear them screeching in the trees and it was pretty loud. Maybe it was only three, but it sounded like a hundred.

We actually had a heat wave this past week, so it was in the 90s for a couple of days. Then Friday it just sort of became fall, in both the weather and my mind. I do love fall, but I can't handle it too soon because I love summer so much too. Once I'm ready, though, it can give me the same boost that spring often does: the feeling of new beginnings and that anything is possible in the next few months, and the motivation to make some plans.

I think all the green and orange is also a reminder to Ducks and Beavers fans that they can live together in harmony. ;) And that's probably the only time you'll see a sports reference in my blog. I honestly don't follow it at all, but I have coworkers who do. I have a hard enough time remembering which schools have which mascots.

Happy Fall Eve. Do you have any exciting plans?


  1. I don't have any major Fall related plans, but I like when the weather starts to cool down, and I love all of the Halloween things appearing in the stores.

  2. I do enjoy the cool down and the beautiful color. We do not get the colors you do, however.

    C is coming to visit on Wednesday! That's right before fall. Dad and I will be going to Ft. Bragg the weekend before his birthday. D and girls will be visiting in the beginning of November and Dad and I will go to NM for Thanksgiving! I guess those are considered Fall plans. :)

  3. Heck, yes I have plans! For this autumn, I think I'll just turn 40 and enter a whole new decade of life. Yes, that's exactly what I'm going to do. It's decided. Don't talk me out of it.

    I love that crumpled leaf (2nd pic?). I can relate.

    If you want to make me a little canvas of that dorky Stellar Jay, I heart him. If I got to hang him in my house somewhere, I'd heart you (in addition to loving and liking you). But you can save it for Christmas or Valentine's or my Retirement party ... whenever it suits you. Or never if that suits you better. I'm flexible.

  4. R - You would like/want one of my worst photos. That was just for fun, it's NOT to be printed and hung. Plus it's cropped way down and isn't suitable for printing anyway. Plus canvas printing isn't cheap. People wonder why I don't give my photos out as gifts more often, and that's why--it's not cheap! Sorry. Happy birthday.

  5. PS If that comment makes me seem like I'm in a bad mood, it's because I totally am. But it's nothing you guys did. :D <--fake smile

  6. These are wonderful... especially that second photo!!

  7. Ah, fall. The end of the warm beautiful summer and the start of the long depressing winter. Love it!

  8. I LOVE these photos!! They are so crisp and clear and so very autumn. Thank you for sharing :)
    Just thought I'd stop in and say HI... it's been forever, I now.
    How ya been?



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