Saturday, October 12, 2013


Today I've been rearranging and organizing my livingroom, which included adding a few items to this scrapbook. I am not much of a collector, but I do save tickets and other flattish items from various places I've been. I started this scrapbook in the late 90s, so it's yellowed and many of the tickets are too faded to read. I chose to photograph a page that was more colorful and interesting than some of the others.

Today starts the first day of my birthday week (as in, the week leading up to my b-day)! I love my birthday, and especially the anticipation. So to make it more special, I'll try to add extra info in this week's posts. For this one, I'll tell you what each ticket on this spread is for. How many can you read without me telling you? You can test your eyesight against this list. ;)

In no good order:

1. Beauty and the Beast | Musical | Sacramento, CA | 10/1/2000

2. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum | Musical | Sacramento, CA | 7/20/2000

3. MS Dixie II | Lake cruise | Tahoe, CA | No date, but I believe it was June of 2000 for my Mom's 50th birthday weekend

4. Disneyland | Need I say more? | No date, but again I believe this was June of 2000 when I was in southern CA for my cousin's college graduation

5. Sarah Brightman | Concert | Sacramento, CA | 10/26/2000

6. Loser | Movie | Vacaville, CA | 7/21/2000

7. Two Weeks Notice | Movie | Yuba City, CA | It looks like 1/18 but it doesn't say the year

8. World's Tallest Building (CN Tower) | Elevator ride | Toronto, ON | 8/17/2000

9. Maid of the Mist | Niagara Falls cruise | Niagara Falls, ON | no date, but it had to be close to 8/17/2000, if not that very day

10. Charlie's Angels | Movie | Yuba City, CA | 11/25 (2000?)

11. Space Needle | Elevator ride | Seattle, WA | 8/5/2000

12. Esther | Movie | Yuba City, CA? | 9/30/ (2000?)

Wow, I was much funner back in 2000!


  1. Yeah, that looked like a pretty fun-filled year for you!

  2. 2000 was a big year for you! A lot did happened in that year for our family as a whole. Yes the MS Dixie on Lake Tahoe was in June, probably 6/25/2000. (I don't think I saved that ticket.) I still have the picture, though.

  3. Mom - Yes, it was big for lots of us, that's true. Those tickets represent the fun stuff, but of course there was some hard stuff too.



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