Tuesday, October 15, 2013


This is my "I don't know what to photograph" picture of the day. Night sky. Ta-da. The moon (seen as a starburst here) is prepping for its big night on Friday. Full moon for my birthday! See here.

My day has been fine, but I've not felt my best. Just drained and tired, and second-guessing a lot of things while I worry about other decisions that have already been made. But the good news is, I have some dark hot chocolate in the cupboard, a full set of Candy Crush lives, and a comfortable couch to be useless on.

Oh and before I forget, I wanted to direct you over to my friend Brenda's blog post. She wants more guy participation (particularly single men) in answering a few questions. It's pretty interesting, so please go have a look: He's Not That Into You (Or Is He?)


  1. Beautiful photo! The clouds in the sky are so interesting, not to mention the moon appearing to be a large star.

    Thanks for the additional info. I had no idea the coming full moon is called The Hunters Full Moon. I thought the Harvest Moon was in October. (I guess it may be sometimes.)

    I did check Brenda's site. Pretty cool. Did you design her page?

  2. Gorgeous picture...almost wallpaper worthy ; )

  3. Thanks, Mom! Yeah, I didn't know the full moons had names, but once I read a book where each one had a name and a myth about it. I think they have different names depending on who you ask, kind of like flower meanings.

    Nope, she did her page. I may have helped her slightly edit a graphic, but now I can't remember if it's still that version. :)

    Thanks, Dan!



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