Wednesday, October 16, 2013


"Excuse me...Jessica? Can you help me with this door so I can raid your pantry?" Um, no.

I've had more squirrels than usual on my deck lately. It's making me wonder if my downstairs neighbor has something they like, because I have nothing on mine.

Okay...what is the little extra I shall post today? How about some small updates:

CURRENT WEATHER: We're having awesome weather, but I think I already told you that. High 60s and sunny all week.

BEST CURRENT WORK PROJECT: I've just started on a Christmas poster that should be kind of fun. I'm going with vibrant colors, I think.

CURRENT CONCERNS: Spiritual matters, my failures, what to do in some situations. Sorry so vague. :)

CURRENT HAPPIES: Birthday week! The weather, duh. My newly cleaned and rearranged living room. The pretty wall art I got for my living room.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: This weekend, and early November when I go to CA and see family.

SHOPPING LIST ITEMS: A new bath mat. I think I got the rest of my items already.

CURRENT SOUND: My dishwasher and clothes dryer running.

CURRENT AIR WICK SCENT: Sweet Vanilla & Pumpkin

CURRENTLY WATCHING: I've been watching Ghost Whisperer most evenings, and I saw Lovestruck: The Musical the other night.

CURRENT PRICE OF GAS: I just bought it for $3.41/gallon today, which was nice.

CURRENT PRAYER REQUEST: For a productive new year and better understanding of grace.

Feel free to share your currents!


  1. So cute! He almost looks like a cartoon!

  2. It worked, Jennifer! :D Now what were you going to say to the other entry?

  3. Your little "buddy" cracks me up. He seems to be checking if the coast is clear!

    You gave us quite a list of "currents". Let's see what I can do.

    CURRENT WEATHER: Beautiful (except when it is really windy) the highs are in the low 80's.

    BEST CURRENT WORK PROJECT: Cleaning the house for company

    CURRENT CONCERNS: Spiritual concerns (not trying to steal from you, but I've been having strange dreams)

    CURRENT HAPPIES AND LOOKING FORWARD TO: The ladies coming to visit us the 1st week of November and our trip to NM over Thanksgiving.

    SHOPPING LIST ITEMS: Halloween candy. (I need to start thinking about Christmas gifts.)

    CURRENT SOUND: Dryer and K-Love

    CURRENTLY WATCHING: "The Voice" and (the usual) House Hunters.
    Wow! You went to a musical? How was it?

    CURRENT PRAYER REQUEST: Peace of mind for us and our daughters.

  4. Mom - Thanks for answering the questions! I'd be interested to hear about your dreams. I had a weird one last night and it was really frustrating. No, I didn't go to a musical, that's just a movie that's a musical.

  5. Aww, you didn't let him in? He just wanted to check the place out...

  6. Probably more to say here, but about to head to the pumpkin patch...

    Are you going to CA when D and girls will be there? Fun!

  7. R - Yes, it's a cheaper way to get in a niece visit!



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