Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I couldn't wait for the third season of New Girl to make it to Netflix, so I've been watching it online.

Happy Halloween Eve! If you're reading this in the few hours after I post it. :) Are you dressing up? Doing anything special?


  1. Dad and I are not doing anything special. We are not even helping at the "Trunk or Treat". Just handing out candy to our trick-or-treater!

    Happy Halloween! Love, Mom

  2. Just another day for Dan : )

    Hello Mr. Coke Zero! Why don't you come over here so I can drink you?

  3. I "dressed up" in bright colors... and ended up having a lime and black rocker wig. Had a big party at church with a WONDERFUL turnout. (Thanks, God!)

  4. I did use trick-or-treater as singular on purpose because we, normally, get so few, but this year we had quite a lot. I think some were from other areas! Even the parents dressed up!

  5. Thanks for the comments and for answering my question, all! :D

    Dan, I think they might sell Zero at stores in your area! Because that one in the picture is long gone.

    Mom - I'm surprised! I was just talking about how there are way fewer trick-or-treaters these days and that you guys don't get many anymore.



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